In a move to safeguard investor interests and maintain market integrity, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has directed a financial influencer Ravindra Balu Bharti to return unlawfully obtained gains totalling over ₹12 crore. This decisive action comes amidst mounting concerns over fraudulent practices in the securities market.

SEBI orders Ravindra Balu Bharti to pay 12 crore

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The Case of Ravindra Balu Bharti

SEBI’s directive targets Ravindra Balu Bharti, an influencer known for his financial insights. Bharti, the founder of Ravindra Bharti Education Institute Pvt. Ltd. (RBEIPL), stands accused of misleading investors through promises of extraordinary returns. Operating under the banner of Bharti Share Market, RBEIPL purportedly offers educational services related to stock market trading.

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SEBI’s Verdict

SEBI’s interim order extends beyond Bharti himself, encompassing RBEIPL and several other individuals associated with the institute. These parties are barred from providing investment advisory services or participating in securities trading activities until further notice.

A Pattern of Misconduct

SEBI’s investigation revealed a troubling pattern of misconduct. Investors were allegedly lured with promises of returns as high as 1000%, only to find themselves at the mercy of deceptive practices.

Protecting Investor Confidence

In its order, SEBI emphasises the importance of protecting investor confidence in India’s capital market. Disclosure and transparency are highlighted as essential pillars for maintaining market integrity.

SEBI orders Ravindra Balu Bharti to pay 12 crore


Agreements and Expectations

Investors who availed themselves of Bharti’s services entered into agreements outlining terms and conditions for receiving investment advice. These agreements detailed fees, projected returns, and profit-sharing arrangements, setting the stage for expectations that, in many cases, were allegedly not met.

Securing Investor Funds

SEBI’s directive includes the establishment of an interest-bearing Escrow Account, where Bharti is required to deposit the unlawfully obtained funds. This measure aims to ensure that the funds remain under SEBI’s jurisdiction, safeguarding them from further misuse.

Moving Forward

As the case unfolds, SEBI’s actions underscore its commitment to maintaining the integrity of India’s capital market. By holding accountable those who engage in fraudulent practices, the regulator sends a clear message that investor protection remains paramount.

The SEBI’s order against Ravindra Balu Bharti and RBEIPL serves as a reminder of the regulatory oversight necessary to uphold trust and confidence in the financial markets. As investors navigate the complexities of the securities market, transparency and accountability remain essential for their protection and the integrity of the market as a whole.