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If you are looking for good food content, simply start with the best – Anjali Dhingra popular by the name ‘sooosaute‘ is a face you must’ve definitely come across on your feed. The presentation of her mouthwatering recipes is a visual treat for everyone’s eyes. 

In the digital world, the food blogging industry is booming and it has become a lucrative profession for food lovers. And undoubtedly, Anjali is out here making us all fall in love with food, an avid food blogger and recipe developer.

Anjali is a passionate blogger who loves to curate new treats while emphasizing the use of simple things available in the market. If you are a real foodie, her profile is definitely the one-stop destination for you.

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Anjali creates soul-hugging food with the hope of putting a smile across everyone’s face. In addition to a diverse selection of recipes all of which are captured beautifully by her on film.

She also has her own YouTube Channel – So Saute, where she has bagged millions of followers and you can find her posting food-driven content, review, and fun challenges.

So here we take you forward into a salivating experience by sharing a few eye-candy images of the recipe of the delicious food preparations done by her.

Cheesy chilly garlic Maggie

Blue dragon pad Thai-kit Review

Tomato samosa chaat Recipes

Fun challenge series – Rs 500 in Fast Food

Her social media is a reflection of flavourful and appetizing recipes that will instantly make you hungry. Rush to her social media platform and amaze yourself by using her quick cooking tips that taste heavenly.