Childhood is a time filled with wonder, innocence, and unforgettable experiences. Among the many things that make childhood special, chocolate holds a cherished place in the hearts of many. From sticky fingers to gleeful smiles, chocolate has been an integral part of countless childhood memories. This Chocolate Day we dedicate a day to celebrate one of the world’s most beloved treats: chocolate, as we spiral down memory lane remembering the chocolate treasure troves from the 90s along with Chef Nehal Karkera and Chef Harssh Kedia. 

Chocolate day with Chef Nehal and Chef Harssh


Chocolate Day

Remember that feeling of anticipation when your parents promised a special treat if you finished your homework or completed your chores? That treat was often a delectable piece of chocolate. Chocolate Day is like a time machine taking us back to the golden age when the only worry was to pick the right chocolate. This day has the power to put a smile across our faces and we surely wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity for ourselves and our readers. 

Revisiting Chocolate day with Chef Nehal and Chef

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Celebrating Chocolate Day with Chefs

Chefs are known for their creativity and ability to push culinary boundaries. Chefs play a significant role in celebrating the day as they are skilled in creating delectable chocolate treats and desserts. This Chocolate Day we spoke to Chef Nehal Karkera and Chef Harssh Kedia about their favourite memories around chocolate and what chocolates they miss dearly from the 90s.

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Social Nation: A fun chocolate memory that is close to your heart

Chef Nehal: I was 12 years old and wanted to make this biscuit and chocolate cake.   I used the Lindt chocolate bar my sister was hiding from me and made the dessert. As soon as my sister tasted it, she figured out that there was some commotion.  However, turns out the biggest thing was the mess I made in the kitchen which my mother later made me clean up. If I could, I would do it all over again.

Chef Harssh: The most fun chocolate memory that’s close to my heart is when I got to eat a bar of sugar-free chocolate 3 years after my diabetes diagnosis. I devoured every minute bite of it and I ate one cube only! It was the best thing I’ve eaten. 

Social Nation: A 90s chocolate that you miss or holds a special place in your heart.

Chef Nehal: Coffee bite, my god does it even exist now? Nutties is also my favourite but I still buy it.

Chef Harssh:  I miss eating Melody toffee/chocolate very much.

The golden chocolates of the 90s

Ah, the 90s—a nostalgic era filled with cherished memories, including some delightful chocolate treats. Here are five chocolates from the 90s that we miss dearly and wish we could indulge in. 


Poppins were small, colourful, sugar-coated chocolate candies that came in a variety of flavours, including strawberry, orange, pineapple, and chocolate. The candies had a crunchy outer shell providing a delightful burst of flavours and textures.

Poppins on Chocolate day with Chef Nehal and Chef Harssh



Melody is another iconic chocolate candy that was immensely popular in the 90s and continues to be cherished today. It is known for its distinct combination of chocolate and caramel. What made Melody even more memorable was its jingle, Melody khao, khud jaan jao.

Melody on Chocolate day with Chef Nehal and Chef Harssh

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Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

Sweet cigarettes came in packs that resembled cigarette packs, with white sticks made from sugar or candy coated with coloured paper or edible ink to resemble the filter end of a cigarette.

Sweet Cigarettes on Chocolate day with Chef Nehal and Chef Harssh



Kismi Chocolate refers to a popular Indian chocolate brand known for its range of products. However, the most popular was their chocolate bars which were made from smooth and creamy milk chocolate, providing a delightful taste experience.

Kismi on Chocolate day with Chef Nehal and Chef Harssh


Mango Bite

Mango Bite is a well-known Indian candy that has gained popularity for its unique mango flavour. The chewy candy has a distinct taste of ripe mangoes. It is loved for its sweet and tangy flavour, which captures the essence of tropical fruit. 

Mango Bite on Chocolate day with Chef Nehal and Chef Harssh


From the simple pleasure of unwrapping a chocolate bar to the joyous moments shared with loved ones, chocolate has woven itself into the fabric of childhood. It symbolises celebration, reward, imagination, and the sheer delight of indulgence.

Happy Chocolate Day!