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According to Snapchat, it is launching its new Family Center update, which will enable parents to essentially monitor their teens engaging within the app, while also keeping the specifics of their conversations private.

Snapchat opens directly to a Camera, not a feed of endless content, and is focused on connecting people who are already friends in real life. They want Snapchatters to genuinely express themselves and have fun with their friends in the same way they would if they were hanging out in person.

Helping to create a safe and positive experience for users. While creating a platform that is safe for all members of our community, they have put extra protections for teenagers.

On Snapchat: 

  • By default, teens have to be mutual friends before they can start communicating with each other. 
  • Friend lists are private, and we don’t allow teens to have public profiles. 
  • Teens only show up as a “suggested friend” or in search results in limited instances, if they have mutual friends in common.

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Family Center is designed to reflect the way that parents engage with their teens in the real world, where parents usually know who their teens are friends with but don’t eavesdrop on their private conversations.

In the coming weeks, Snapchat will add a new feature that will allow parents to easily view new friends their teens have added.

Family Center

To help develop Family Center, Snapchat has worked with families to understand the needs of both parents and teens, knowing that everyone’s approach to parenting and privacy is different.

They have also consulted with experts in online safety and wellbeing to incorporate their feedback and insights. Their goal is to create a set of tools designed to reflect the dynamics of real-world relationships and foster collaboration and trust between parents and teens.

On Family Center, parents can also easily and confidentially report any accounts that may be concerning directly to Snapchat’s Trust and Safety teams, which work around the clock to help keep Snapchatters safe.