Our daily dose of entertainment, information, and a glimpse into different worlds comes from television shows. Over the years, numerous TV series have captivated audiences, but only a select few have managed to stand the test of time. On December 17, 1989, the world was introduced to an iconic, yellow-skinned, four-fingered family residing in the fictional town of Springfield. You already know what we’re talking about: ‘The Simpsons!’

This iconic show marked its 34th anniversary on this Sunday, December 17, 2023. The fact that it ran for all these years stands as a testament to its enduring popularity and cultural impact. The brainchild of Matt Groening, ‘The Simpsons’ has long transcended its status as a mere animated sitcom to become a global phenomenon. Over the past three decades, several generations have grown up watching the iconic television series.

The writer’s idea was to make a satire of the United States society, and after 34 years, it has exceeded everyone’s expectations. The official Instagram page of ‘The Simpsons’ put up a post dedicated to the first episode ever aired of the show. They captioned it, “The best gift of all arrived 34 years ago today with the series premiere of #TheSimpsons! S1E1

The 34th Season

The thirty-fourth season of the American animated television series aired on Fox from September 25, 2022, to May 21, 2023. It consisted of twenty-two episodes. The season was announced on March 3, 2021, and was later renewed for seasons 35 and 36 on January 26, 2023. The 34th season is the only one to have two Treehouse of Horror episodes aired in a single season. It’s essentially a parody of the 2017 supernatural horror film It and its 2019 sequel It Chapter Two, followed by the traditional anthology episode the following week.

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From Shorts to The Longest-Running TV Show

Conceived by Groening, the Simpson family – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie – presents a satirical portrayal of a middle-class American family. The idea was to offer both relatability and entertainment. The origins of ‘The Simpsons’ can be traced back to its humble start as a series of shorts on ‘The Tracey Ullman Show.’

Taking into account its potential, Fox Broadcasting Company chose to allocate a prime-time half-hour slot for the show. The outcome? A remarkable journey spanning 35 seasons and 758 episodes that captivated audiences for over three decades.

The Simpson family Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie 34th anniversary

A Soothsayer

One of the most fascinating USPs of ‘The Simpsons’ lies in its remarkable ability to predict real-world events. The most significant example is the prescient portrayal of Donald Trump’s presidency in an episode broadcast on March 19, 2000 — 16 years prior to the actual occurrence. It’s almost as if the creators have a crystal ball, eerily foreseeing significant historical moments with uncanny accuracy, adding an extra layer of intrigue and interest for viewers globally.

The Simpsons x Pop Culture

This series has undeniably left an enduring impact on popular culture, influencing numerous individuals and shaping perspectives on a range of social and political matters. The show’s inception is closely tied to James L. Brooks. Groening’s comic strip ‘Life in Hell’ caught Brooks’ attention who wished to adapt it into television shorts. However, Groening decided to create the Simpson family story to retain the rights to his work. This decision birthed a groundbreaking series that has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Its influence is so profound that it even led to the release of ‘The Simpsons Movie’ in 2007, which grossed around $526 million worldwide.

Internet Reactions

A Reddit user wrote, “wow, is it really 34 years ago? I was 9 when this show came out a month after the fall of the Berlin Wall, dam I feel so old.” Another said, “Well…It makes me happy to see they’re still up and running tbh” to which someone replied, “To me, it’s like seeing an old childhood friend doing really well in life. I have spent longer without them than I have with them, but it still gives you a warm feeling inside.”

A third user wondered how many episodes of the iconic show has he seen or missed. “When I was younger I watched every Simpsons episode at least 15 times because of syndication. It kind of blows my mind that there are more Simpsons episodes I haven’t seen than I have seen” he said. A Twitter user wrote, “10 minutes until #TheSimpsons. Isn’t it a bit ironic how tonight’s episode is EXACTLY 34 years from the first episode?

This post was retweeted by the show’s official X account. Another retweet was rather nostalgic. The post showcased the first draft of the premiere episode alongside the first draft of the new episode that aired last night.

On the 34th anniversary of ‘The Simpsons,’ we acknowledge that this legendary show is not just an animated series but a cultural institution. A show that began as a simple cartoon has evolved into a mirror reflecting society, offering satirical commentary, and even predicting future events. ‘The Simpsons’ continues to remain relevant and will undoubtedly continue to entertain and influence generations to come. Brb, we’re going to binge on our favourite episodes.