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Instagram Reels is a developing international platform where musicians and artists are being discovered. Since its debut, artists have used it to share their music and promote it, which is causing various trends on the platform. Instagram is currently rolling out the “1 Minute Music” property to encourage this even more and to encourage others to discover their own ability.

This year, Instagram unveiled a brand-new music venture called ‘1 Minute Music,’ a collection of music songs and films that are only accessible through its platform and intended for usage on Reels and Stories. There is music here from 200 different Indian musicians. According to Instagram, it will increase the entertainment value of the content and motivate other musicians to publish their one-minute music on the same platform.

Gippy Grewal just launched his new song on Instagram in a #1MinMusic video.

Gippy Grewal

Here are more artists who shared their work with this feature.

Dhvani Bhanushali

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Samarth Swarup

Vipasha Malhotra

They’re now providing consumers with access to a special collection of music they can use to spice up their reels with “1 Minute Music.” This platform will act as a model for both established and up-and-coming musicians who want to use Reels to distribute their own music and make their own films.

People will be able to use the “1 Minute Music” in the Reels audio gallery.