Okay, everyone hates the new tweet view counts. Well, maybe not everyone hates them as a concept, but everyone despises how they are now displayed, resulting in these two-line stat summaries.

The fact that views are presented first, to the left of the tweet data display, is also disliked by some users, and Elon himself has acknowledged that it isn’t perfect yet.

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You need not worry; updates are on the way. Twitter designer Andrea Conway shared this revised tweet display interface.

As you can see, the first image of this revised format shows that tweets in timelines would not display view counts, but when enlarged, you could see the view count for any tweet.

Which appears to be preferable, while Elon seems to be fairly certain that emphasizing view counts explicitly will help people understand how much reach their tweets are receiving, which will drive greater tweet creation and activity.

People are probably seeking to use this as a new tweet ratio of some form to attack you for your low tweet engagement, thus it looks like more problem than it’s worth.

However, it could be preferable if it were just another stat that was only displayed in expanded tweet form. Maybe.

We’ll have to watch what Twitter does with the format going forward.