Earlier this year Twitter had launched Twitter Spaces (@TwitterSpaces) with the purpose of enabling the users to ‘live audio conversations.

According to Twitter “we created Spaces to bring people together in an intimate way to share thoughts and tweets with the power that only the human voice can bring. Spaces is now available to millions of people but the work is not finished bc it is part of a bigger vision built with you, our community
So far, the addition made to the platform has received equitable reviews from the public. However Spaces was only available to use on the mobile phone app until now! 

Twitter has officially announced users will now be able to access spaces via the desktop web and the mobile web version.
With the following as their focus areas:

infrastructure and listening UI that adapts to your screen size
setting reminders for scheduled spaces 
accessibility and transcriptions. 

Twitter Spaces in one of their tweets has also stated that “we want to learn from your experience, and hear your feedback. let us know what you think!

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