Yesterday has been a monumental day for Indian democracy. Considered to be one of the biggest democracies in the world, we as a nation once again proved the power we as voters have is immense. We say this because against the tide, against the exit poll predictions, the Election 2024 results painted an altogether different picture. While there is still no clarity on which party shall form the government, we have been amused by the memes that have been flooding ever since. From explaining the unpredictable counting numbers to explaining the results, these memes are sure to make you laugh out loud. 

Election 2024 spark a memes fest

The First Few Hours 

During the early phases, the numbers were the most shocking ones. While most exit polls predicted a sweeping 400+ victory for the ruling party, there was none to side with the INDI Alliance. However, the actual voting count showed an entirely different picture. In the initial few hours, INDI Alliance headed by the Indian National Congress was leading the trail, perfectly setting the plot for a thriller. 

The UP Shocker

Considered to be a stronghold of BJP, the results from UP were the most shocking one. Especially after the inauguration of the prestigious Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, most people believed the BJP to get a sweeping victory in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Contrary to this, BJP lost the Faizabad constituency which has the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. This absolutely did not go unnoticed by netizens and we were served the most hilarious memes full of pop-culture references. 

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Smriti Irani, the Focus Point

Smriti Irani has been one of those few contestants who was talked about extensively, partially because of her confidence in her victory. However, after she lost the Amethi seat, netizens did not spare her from the meme’s wrath. 

The Coalition Comedy 

Since no party won the majority, a coalition government is back in talks. Seeing the tricky situation there have been hilarious memes, directed at Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu as to whom they will lend their support.

The Stock Market Situation

There has been a flood of memes explaining the stock market situation in India. Before the counting, during the exit polls, the stock market was shining in green, depicting big gains but on the vote counting day, the fall has been unimaginable, serving us some ROFL memes.

PTSD for Elections

Elections have been the talk of the town, especially for uncles, who have been speaking about elections and the results ever since. However, now once the elections are done, most of them will be left with a huge vacuum, sparking a meme fest. 

The Thrill of The Result

While no party emerged victorious with a majority, the unpredictable numbers have made many people really happy. The excitement of seeing the results has been off the roof. Obviously resulting in the most hilarious memes of all time. 

A compilation of best memes from Election 2024


Somedays social media just becomes our favourite place to be on and today surely was one of those days. These memes are not just pop culture references but also highlight the creativity and the nuanced socio-political understanding of the country, but mostly they evoke a laughter fest like no other. Share your favourite memes with us as you laugh at the above.