You know, if the entire world got together to talk about the digital world, they’d name it Social Nation. It’s a network that covers everything that’s going on digitally, from influencers to content creators to entertainment across all OTT platforms, as well as the buzzing news bee. It also serves as a link between fans and artists. The biggest festivals organised by Social Nation in cooperation with One Digital Entertainment and Laqshya Event Capital in 2018 at Jio Garden, BKC, had 120 influencers performing, exclusive meet & greet sessions, and more, validating the preceding statement.

Social Nation

However, with the ongoing Covid-19 situation, it was almost impossible to keep building the bridge between the content creator and the viewers, almost being the keyword. The Pune-based Symbosis Centre of Management Studies (SCMS) is known for its biggest festival in Pune, “Sympulse,” which was a 5-day festival (14th-17th May 2021) with events such as “Battle of Bands,” “War of DJs,” “Poker Tournament,” “Rap Battle,” and ending with “The Sundowner,” the festival’s biggest pro night, where they collaborated with Social Nation Campus.” The Social Nation Campus hosted a live interactive session with Prajakta Koli, a.k.a. Mostlysane, that was open to everyone, not just university students.
Paytm Insider broadcasted the event live. On the same day, Aishwarya Mohanraj and Aakash Gupta performed stand-up comedy in collaboration with OML, bringing the festival to a close with a bang.

Prajakta Koli

The event provided an opportunity for all of us to get to know Prajakta better through enjoyable segments such as the Q&A round, games, and, most importantly, asking her the Dumdums’ questions. The hosts, Karmanya, Ashu, and Riya, held discussions with Prajakta in the first round on her experiences with Khayali Pulao and Netflix’s premiere series, ‘Mismatched,’ respectively. They were also seen to address problems such as consistency, management, personal and work-life balance, as well as boundaries, among other things. The session ended with Prajakta answering the Dumdums’ questions after a rapid fire round, ‘Guess Who’ game, and finally, the session was concluded.

rapid fire session

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So until my pen writes more for you, register yourself for the Campus program. Also, what followed after was a discussion at length with Viraj Ghelani. Tap here to read more!