While travel creators love to explore different parts of the world, they also like to take a part of their culture to the new country they visit. Mahi Sharma (@maahieway), a travel content creator, recently went to Japan on a trip with her friends. She randomly chose to wear a saree on the streets of Tokyo one day and it garnered epic reactions from the Japanese passing by her.

Mahi put up a reel of the same that blew up in no time turning her into a viral sensation. Several Japanese residents were seen recording her and clicking pictures of the uncommon saree girl on the streets of Tokyo, looking mighty impressed. A little girl was also seen looking at Mahi in awe, while she tried bringing the saree-clad creator to her mother’s attention.

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Sarees Go International

Saree” has made its mark as the official attire for Indian women at a global level. From Alia Bhatt donning a stunning Sabyasachi saree at the Met Gala 2024 to Deepika Padukone dressed like a goddess in a saree at the Cannes Film Festival, to Zendaya looking ethereal in a shimmery saree at the NMACC opening ceremony, several celebrities represented India by adorning the traditional garment at international events.

Recently, travel content creator Mahi Sharma took over the streets of Japan wearing a saree, leaving the locals in surprise.

Mahi’s Saree Moment In Japan

In the now-viral video, Mahi Sharma can be seen wearing an exquisite blue saree with intricate golden borders, twirling and swirling on the streets. She paired her saree with a tube blouse and kept her voluminous hair loose. While some locals looked at her in awe, others vibed with her. In the video, you can also see a few young girls and boys filming her.

Sharing the video, Sharma wrote, “I wore a saree in Japan and the reactions are hilarious! I thought of wearing an Indian attire on the streets of Tokyo just for fun but didn’t expect people to actually click pictures and get soo shocked.” Mahi’s saree with a tube blouse stunt certainly caught enough eyeballs on the streets of Japan and off it too. Her reel has garnered a whopping 20.2 Million views so far with social media users gushing over her look.

Mahi Sharma travel content creator saree japan viral video reel Instagram reactions

The Reactions

A user commented on her video saying “I love how accurately “muh toh band karo uncle” fits here ❤️” While one user referred to her as “Gen Z Poo“, comparing her to Kareena Kapoor’s iconic character. “Indian dress attracts every one all over world and u proved it, Mahi,” lauded a netizen.

Some trolled her for wearing an ‘inappropriate’ blouse. A user wrote, “Girllll it’s beautiful and you too pr ek blouse hota toh majaaaa aa jata btw you look good”. While another user defended her saying, “For all those people asking her to wear a blouse~~ in actual Indian culture women did not wear blouse.

In February, a video of a Spanish-Indian model dressed like a bride on London streets took over social media. The video showed the model donning a pink lehenga with golden embroidery and complimented her look with matching jewellery, capturing locals’ reactions. It sure is nice to see the Indian saree make it’s way to different corners of the world, impressing the locals there. What do you think of Mahi Sharma’s look? Let us know in the comments below!