Social Media has truly evolved into one-stop solution. From beauty, makeup and lifestyle inspiration to a hub for marketing, we saw many facets of it. Recently there has been a trend on Instagram where individuals look for their love interest through different ways on Instagram. Dinara, a Russian influencer and an avid traveller, has garnered attention on Instagram for her quest to find a husband. However, what caught the eye of the netizens was the fact that she had been looking for an Indian husband, turning the video into a viral sensation. To know the reason behind her keen interest in Indian men as well as Indian culture, we got into a quick fun chat with Dinara. 

Russian Influencer Dinara goes viral over Looking for India Husband Reel


The Viral Video

On May 30, Dinara shared a video on Instagram that shows her standing in an Indian mall, dressed in a red saree. In the video, she holds a poster that reads, “LOOKING FOR AN INDIAN HUSBAND” along with a QR code linking directly to her Instagram profile. Her bio now reads “looking for an Indian husband (unmarried)” 

Since many social media users came forward to marry Dinara, we wanted to have a better understanding of the qualities Dinara wanted in her Indian husband. She stated “My favorite number is 4, so I will talk about 4 main qualities. 

1. The main quality is a “good family man”. Family should come first. He cares, respects and loves his parents and relatives and he is willing to shower his wife and children with love and respect too.

2. Decency towards loved ones. He cannot deceive or betray them. I would like to have complete trust with my future husband so that we can talk about everything openly. 

3. Achiever. He understands what he wants from life and makes every effort to achieve his goals. 

4. Loves to travel and discover new places. Because I’m a traveller and I can’t imagine my life without it.”

Since now you all know what Dinara is exactly looking for, let’s brush up to make our recommendations more specific. 

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Social Media Reaction

If Dinara’s post was extraordinary, the comment section did not disappoint either. The viral video now has garnered over 9 million views and has nearly 10K comments. Instagram users have reacted with a mix of humour and genuine interest. Comments range from individuals volunteering themselves as potential suitors to others tagging their single friends. Some even went to call a better alternative to

In an interview with Dinara the viral Russian Influencer who is looking for Indian husband


Love For India

Dinara’s aspiration to find an Indian husband stems from her love for India and Indian culture. She has been appreciative of Indian culture including sarees and is familiar with many popular Indian songs, including ‘Maan meri jaan’ which she wants to dedicate to her Indian husband. 

Emphasising her love for India and what she likes about the country she added, “India is a harmony of beauty of nature and people. People on the streets are smiling, they are filled with positivity and love. Coming from an individualistic culture, I am fascinated by the way people in India build their relationships with the people around them. Relationships with friends in Indian culture are more than friendship, they are like family. This is really amazing!

Interviewing Dinara the viral Russian Influencer who is looking for Indian husband


Hearing her talk like that about India makes us both proud and excited to see what our country has to offer to Dinara. However, there is something that Dinara is also looking forward to in India. Talking about her hopes for India she confessed “I’m planning a trip to India this summer and would love to experience the culture of this beautiful country even more. I really want to discover states that I haven’t been to yet, such as Punjab, Kerala, Kashmir, Rajasthan and many others. I really hope that I will find an Indian husband with whom I will build a family and continue to explore the world. So please wish me good luck.”

A Growing Trend?

Dinara’s viral video is part of a broader trend where individuals use social media and technology for personal introductions and matchmaking. Earlier, a man’s QR code T-shirt at Ed Sheeran’s concert in Mumbai, which linked to his Tinder profile, also made headlines. These instances highlight how people are leveraging technology in new and inventive ways to connect.

Dinara’s journey to find an Indian husband has not only entertained millions but also sparked conversations about modern love and matchmaking. Her innovative approach and the enthusiastic response it received demonstrate the power of social media in bringing people together, even in the quest for lifelong companionship. We send our wishes to Dinara and hope she finds her Indian husband real quick.