On May 22, Courteney Cox delighted fans by recreating an iconic moment from her Friends character, Monica Geller. In a now viral video on Instagram, Courteney humorously tackled a familiar hair issue, echoing one of Monica’s most memorable scenes.

Courteney Cox recreates the iconic Friends scene

“It’s the Humidity!”

The video begins with Courteney Cox, 59, stepping onto the balcony of a beachside condo in Miami, declaring, “I love Miami!” Her hair, initially straight, quickly frizzes into unmanageable curls as she steps outside. Cox then mouths Monica’s famous line from the Season 9 episode ‘The One in Barbados Part 1,’ exclaiming, “It’s the humidity!

Revisiting the Classic Scene

In the 2003 Friends episode, Monica’s hair reacts dramatically to the warm island temperatures during a group trip to Barbados. Her friends tease her as her hair gets bigger and frizzier, leading her to repeatedly assert, “It’s the humidity!” The scene is an iconic scene and a fan favourite, known for Monica’s hilarious struggle with her unruly locks.

Cox Channels Monica’s Humorous Side

This isn’t the first time Courteney Cox has drawn parallels between herself and Monica. In August 2023, she shared a video tour of her home on Instagram, accidentally revealing a cluttered closet. The moment echoed a famous Friends episode from 2002 where Chandler, Monica’s husband, discovers her secret messy closet, contradicting her reputation for being obsessively neat.

The Messy Closet Incident

During the home tour, Courteney Cox’s creative team director, Max Goodrich, opened a door to reveal a room filled with old furniture, clothes, and boxes. She quickly tried to stop the filming, exclaiming, “That’s not funny! Seriously, don’t film this. Erase the footage now, OK?” This incident closely mirrors the Friends scene where Chandler finds Monica’s hidden mess, leading her to defend it as “organised chaos.

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Fan Reactions

Fans flooded the comments of Courteney Cox’s latest video with references to the Friends episode, reminiscing about Monica’s battle with her hair. Jokes about her frizzy hair and the seashell-braided hairstyle which she eventually resorts to in the episode were plentiful. Comments also appreciated Courtney’s playful nods to her past roles and her ability to laugh at herself.

Fans delighted as Courteney Cox recreates the iconic Friends scene

Courteney Cox continues to endear herself to fans by embracing the quirks of Monica Geller. Through her humorous Instagram videos, she shows that she shares some of Monica’s characteristics, much to the delight of Friends enthusiasts. Her playful references and willingness to poke fun at herself keep the spirit of Monica alive, reminding fans why they loved the character in the first place.