The Social Nation Residency programme is now on its fifth day, and our creators still have much to learn. The residents are pumped and prepared to soak up all the knowledge in today’s mentorship programme, which includes lessons on acing branded content and growing on YouTube.

Growing on YouTube

In Session-A, Esha Oberoi, Strategic Partnerships Manager of YouTube India, spoke about the many formats and methods for sharing content on YouTube.

Esha Oberoi
Esha Oberoi taking the session.

She discussed how to monetize content on YouTube and how to take advantage of the potential in various forms by creating a strong multiformat content strategy. Her expertise helped mentors learn the best techniques to follow and how to attract visitors to their channel.

Social Nation Residency Day 5th
Esha Oberoi addressing the creators

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In Session B, Piyush Jha, shorts trends manager at YouTube India, discussed how to analyze internet culture to create more impactful shorts content and how to decode various trends, such as lip-syncing to trendy music.

Social Nation
Piyush Jha addressing the creators

How to produce content based on high-concept trends in several ways, such as by telling a tale while utilizing trendy relatable audio and by overlaying text with trendy audio to provide context or tell a story.

He spoke about how to interpret popular culture in order to produce more effective short material and he also expressed his thoughts on comprehending common cultural knowledge’s influence.

Social Nation Residency
Piyush Jha taking the session.

How to Ace branded content

Ajay Mehta, Head of Content partnership at Mindshare; Mohit Jagtiani, Head of Sponsorship and Branded Content at YouTube India and Gurpreet Bhasin, Co-Founder of One Digital Entertainment the mentors addressed the creators about how to understand a brand’s perspective on paid collaborations with creators and how to deal with difficulties that arise during such collaborations.

Social Nation Residency Day
Mentors addressing the creators

They debunked all the misconceptions about brand collaborations, such as the one that says brands only choose creators who obey their rules and how to successfully incorporate the brand message in your content for a brand collaboration-based content piece.

The best practices to include in the creator’s life and tips on how to deliver value through their branded content, asking brand questions to understand the brief in the best way possible, partnering only after analyzing whether the partnership proposal matches your style of content or not, and more.

Social Nation Residency Day 5

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