After lunch on Day 4, the creators were eagerly anticipating, as the day still had a lot of exciting things in store for them and the experiences that our incredible residents had been waiting for at Social Nation Residency programme.

Content Creation in WEB3

MD, Neoma Ventures & New Media Holding, Shabir Momin, and Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder of Coto, discussed the fundamentals of Web, Web1, Web2, and Web3.

The mentors discussed the value of community building, its function in Web3, and how creators may utilize the potential of web3 through tokens.

Social Nation Residency Day 4
Shabir Momin in conversation with Aparna Acharekar and Sudeep Lahiri

Web3 has made the future of the Internet more promising than it has ever been, and the future of web3 will bring even more promising opportunities for web3 creators. They discussed the fundamentals of creators launching NFTs and provided their perspectives.

Social Nation

Mentors addressing the creators

Mentors provide guidance on how content creators can sell shares or percentage ownership of their work using Web3 services. With the expansion of the metaverse, Web3 will allow users to completely explore the digital world.

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Diversifying your personal brand

Prajakta Koli, creator and actor, held a session to discuss her take on dealing with creative blocks and putting more emphasis on the audience at the same time while “diversifying your personal brand

She discussed how to prioritize your audience and content over rivalry and collaboration. She also discussed the significance of creating content that connects with your audience when the trends are constantly expanding and evolving.

Social Nation Residency Day
Prajakta Koli addressing the creators.

Through her, mentors were inspired how to keep improving their work as a creator as they continue to grow and evolve.

She discussed coping strategies for dealing with hatred as well as her viewpoint on the writing and scripting processes. Additionally, she gave all the creators advice on a number of efficient methods for overcoming a creative block.

Social Nation Residency

The All-smiles evening wrap-up focused on everything related to diversifying your content and the event has so far come across as amusing, important, and enlightening!

Social Nation

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