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It’s been four days now and the energy that’s there is infectious and energizing. Social Nation Residency is an event where learning doesn’t stop and when it comes to having the best of all, there are the best mentors for everything content.

With sessions on how to diversify branded content, it was also necessary to understand how to create brands.

Creating for Brands

It takes skill to create content that stands on its own and benefits a brand’s objective too. Category lead of @pepsiindia, Saumya Rathore, yesterday spoke to our creators and helped them understand ‘How to create for brands?’ while making sure the content is engaging. She explained how to get brand collaborations and how they work.

She told them the process of Pepsi’s collaboration and how they choose the creator for different campaigns. She also gave them a task to make a reel.

Social Nation
Saumya taking the session.

After a great day four, the creators learned about how different applications can make and bring a difference in their lives with the content they create.

Slay it on Snapchat

Capturing moments from your life and sending it as a ‘streak’ is something most of us know how to do on Snapchat but becoming a Snapchat Creator isn’t just doing that.

Our residents learned how to ‘Slay it on Snapchat’ from @karanbirlamba, Head of Talent and Creator Partnerships at Snapchat. He spoke about how to grow on Snapchat and monetize on the application.

He gave a Live walk-through of the app and its features such as Creator spotlight, SnapMap, Editing features, Discover section and more to ease the creator’s understanding.

Social Nation Residency
After a successful session with Karanbir Lamba

How creators can use myriad features of the app to grow, get better reach and engagement

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Community Building

Building an audience base isn’t easy, a creator has a lot of responsibility, from nurturing a dedicated audience to following and establishing strong bonds and connections with them. Asutosh Pratap Singh who is known as Technical Sapien spoke about ‘Community Building’ as an early-stage creator with the budding creators. He told how one can build a community on different platforms and regularly engage with them.

Social Nation Residency Day 5
Snippet from Community Building session

He also shared ways to keep the community active and growing.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates of Day 5 at Residency!