If you’re on Snapchat, you know it’s the most fun and creative app to communicate with friends. Snapchat was built to be the quickest and easiest way to stay connected with your friends and family, the people who matter the most to you. The disappearing photo-sharing app is actually responsible for strengthening billions of friendships by Snapping and chatting together every day. It’s only fitting that Snapchat decided to give back to their community this International Friendship Day on July 30th.

snapchat international friendship day best friends 30 july

Snapchat has become a key tool for staying in touch with one’s friends in real-time and the app is only continuing to grow on the back of its refined focus on close connection, and helping maintain relationships. On an average, Snapchatters create more than 5 billion Snaps every day to express themselves, live in the moment, and share their unique perspectives. The snap community also loves and prefers to keep in touch by calling their friends and looking back on their favorite memories together. Collectively, loyal Snapchatters talk for more than 900 million minutes each day, and share their favorite Snap Memories with their friends 280 million times a day.

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The International Friendship Day Surprise

To celebrate the day that signifies friendship, Snapchat decided to offer personalised throwbacks for best friends to celebrate on July 30th. They announced a close friend story activation to highlight their closest interactions in the app. Qualifying Snapchatters would find a special Story made just for them and their besties.

But that’s not all, Snapchat had the cutest surprise planned for their community. All that a Snap user had to do was swipe up from the camera and they could then hear advice from the internet’s best friend and Snapchat Snap Star, Tinx, right where they find Stories from their friends and favorite creators. Tinx appeared with her best friend Dena Gallucci on the Story. She offered tips and gave advice on how she thinks one can be a better friend, and how to support your close and most precious connections through direct interaction and engagement.

Tinx and Dena indulged in fun games that tested their knowledge about each other, how well they know the other bestie and ultimately their friendship bond. They also gave the Snap community a peak into some really cute and funny snaps and stories about each other. Their playful conversation was in turn a representation of many such friendship bonds that best friends share. It is a testament to how Snapchat further supports and strengthens these bonds by enabling them to create numerous memories for years to remember.

Snapchat now boasts of up to 397 million daily users. The app recovered from Meta’s attempt to cancel it, by replicating ‘Stories in Instagram.’ At a point, it seemed like it could be the end of Snap’s growth, but instead it’s continued to double down on its friend-connection focus, which has helped the app re-establish its niche.

The country-specific strategy, the umpteen customisation tools and options, the platform it provides to content creators, all of this makes Snapchat stand out and retain its market position. Today, Snapchat remains an important connective tool within the broader social media landscape. And its International Friendship Day campaign only further reinforces the role the app plays in the users’ lives and relations. Happy Snapping, indeed!