• The BGMI Masters Series Season 2 will kick off on August 4, 2023, with a prize pool of INR 2.1 Crore featuring 24 esports teams.
  • The offline tournament has been organised by NODWIN Gaming in collaboration with Star Sports and Rooter.
  • The Masters Series will be broadcasted live on Star Sports and Rooter at 9:30 PM, starting this Friday taking place over 22 days.

India’s biggest and most anticipated esports tournament Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Masters Series Season 2 is back with a bang. Building upon its record-shattering success in season 1, the upcoming season kicks off this Friday, and it’s offering one of the highest-ever prize pools of INR 2.1 crore (over USD 250K) for a non-publisher event.

NODWIN Gaming in association with Star Sports and Indian two-wheeler manufacturing giant, TVS Motor Company, announced the return of the highly anticipated series. Under the aegis of this collaboration, TVS Raider, the leading sporty commuter from TVS will be the exclusive mobility partner of this series.

How Did BGMI Happen?

Following PUBG‘s ban in India in 2020, PUBG Corporation collaborated with the South Korean gaming company Krafton to create Battlegrounds Mobile India. BGMI is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, created exclusively for the Indian market. This title was released in July 2021 as a successor to PUBG Mobile. The game was modified to serve Indian rules and to address data security and user privacy issues. It has turned out to be a very popular online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by Krafton, Inc.

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The India Masters Series 2.0

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series is a competitive esports tournament organised for the game. It typically features top teams and players from India battling it out for a substantial prize pool and the coveted title. The announcement of the new season follows that of another premier tournament for the mobile title called Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023. The BGMI community has been presented with two of the biggest tournaments for the title. This just goes on to show the level of commitment that Krafton has towards growing the competitive side of the mobile battle royale within the country.

About NODWIN Gaming

NODWIN Gaming is one of the world’s leading esports companies, which is building a sustainable framework of professional gamers, content creators, organisations and audiences. Esports entertainment is NODWIN Gaming’s core value offering to the fans, publishers and brands across its various IPs. They operate businesses across Media, Influencers, Tournament IPs, Brand Solutions and Merchandising. NODWIN Gaming comes under Nazara Technologies, the leading India-based diversified gaming and sports media platform.

The Much Loved Television Broadcast Continues

Garnering over 36 million viewers over the course of the tournament, the television broadcast of the first season of the BGMI Masters Series (2022) was a roaring success. To keep that momentum going, the second season of the esports tournament will continue being broadcasted on Star Sports in three different languages – Hindi, English, and Tamil. Through this initiative, NODWIN Gaming and Star Sports aims to connect core esports with viewers from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds, making esports content more inclusive and appealing to a broader audience.

The Digital Broadcast

Beyond the regular broadcast on Star Sports, they have also announced additional programming to provide viewers with an enriching esports experience, in order to place themselves as the key destination for BGMI enthusiasts. The digital broadcast of the Masters Series 2022 followed suit with the television broadcasts’ record-breaking performance by surpassing the 100 million viewership milestone, setting a new record in the history of Indian esports.

For this year, NODWIN Gaming has announced its partnership with India’s biggest gaming and esports content platform Rooter as the tournament’s digital streaming partner. Rooter’s expertise in delivering sharply crafted streaming experiences and an extensive distribution ecosystem across Android, iOS, web, and connected TV, will contribute to NODWIN Gaming’s objective of setting the benchmark for an engaging audience experience within the esports ecosystem. The series will be live-broadcasted at 9:30 PM on the Star Sports Network as well as Rooter.

BGMI pubg esports gaming star sports rooter nodwin Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series 2023 season 2 streaming partner entertainment

The Broadcast Format

The format of the tournament is divided into several stages, including qualifiers, group stages, and playoffs. Among the 24 teams, 14 BGMI teams will be invited directly, while the remaining 10 spots will be filled by the Open Qualifier winners, where anyone in India can participate. Out of all the teams, the top-performing ones from the qualifiers move on to the group stages, and from there, the ultimate best ones proceed to the playoffs to compete for the championship.

Opening Rumble
  • 24 teams will compete to determine the Groups.
  • By the end of this stage, there will be 3 Groups with 8 teams in each.
Qualification Week
  • The Groups will compete against each other in this stage.
  • The top 16 teams will advance to the Super Weekend.
Super Weekend I
  • The 16 qualified teams will fight to accumulate points.
  • These points will be tallied on the main Leaderboard and will be considered for the Finals qualification.
Elimination Week
  • All 24 teams will compete against each other in this stage.
  • Similar to the previous week, the top 16 teams will advance to the Super Weekend.
  • The bottom 4 teams will get eliminated from the tournament.
Super Weekend 2
  • The 16 qualified teams will fight to accumulate points which will be tallied on the main Leaderboard.
  • The top 4 teams at the end will directly qualify for the Grand Finals.
  • Teams ranking fifth to twentieth will advance to the Playoffs.
  • 16 teams (ranking fifth to twentieth) will compete to move ahead in the season.
  • Only the top 12 teams will advance to the Grand Finals.
  • The bottom 4 teams will get eliminated from the tournament.
Grand Finals
  • The 16 teams that have reached the Grand Finals will compete to become the champion of BGMI Masters Series Season 2.

Team Roster

After multiple rumours circling the team rosters surfaced, NODWIN Gaming began revealing teams on their Instagram page. So far, we know of 7 teams:

  1. Orangutan – Ash, Driger, Wizzgod, Believe, and AKOP
  2. GODS Reign – Robin, Blaze, Ninja, Aquanox, and JaxonGaming
  3. Team XSpark – Sc0ut, Sarang, Aditya, Dreams, and Pukar
  4. Numen Gaming– Avii, Savitar, Rexx, Gill, and ClutchGod
  5. ENIGMA GAMING- Owais, Maxkash, DaljitSK, InfinityOP, and Salman
  6. Blind Esports– Manya, Nakul, Joker, and Addy
  7. Team 8Bit – Juicyyy, Mighty, Beast, Madman, and Regaltos

The rest of the 7 teams that are yet to be disclosed: Godlike Esports, Team Soul, Gladiators Esports, Global Esports, Medal Esports, Revenant Esports, One Blade Esports.

The Broadcast Schedule

The competition has been divided into multiple stages:

  • Opening Rumble: Aug. 4 – Aug. 6
  • Qualification Week I: Aug. 7 – Aug. 10
  • Super Weekend: Aug. 11 – Aug. 13
  • Elimination Week: Aug. 14 – Aug. 17
  • Super Weekend II: Aug. 18 – Aug. 20
  • Playoffs: Aug. 22 – Aug. 23
  • Grand Finals: Aug. 25 – Aug. 27

Let the battles begin! We’re sure you’re as excited as us and can’t wait to catch the tournament this weekend.