Ritvi Shah is a popular fashion content creator who’s known for her creative and aesthetic content. On Instagram, she has 91.7K followers. She puts her best foot forward to engage with her audience as well as creating content with unique ideas. If you see her videos, greatly impressed is an understatement you will feel. Trust me, they are that good! Not only her fashion content but her humorous and romantic videos with her beau, Sarthak Jambekar too charms the netizens. They’re so adorable and entertaining! 

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at Ritvi and Sarthak’s 14 impressive Reels on Instagram that I bet will make you squeal at their cuteness: 

1. Long-Distance Relationship

2. When Sarthak Matches Ritvi’s Crazy Energy

3. Couple Vibing

4. How They Met on Tinder

5. Two Best Friends In a Room Trend

6. Matching Outfits

7. Iko Iko Trend

8. Romance Is in The Air

9. Cute Kisses

10. It’s a Bullshit Trend

11. Comfy Outfits

12. Christmas Transition

13. This or That Trend

14. Couple’s Edition of Festive Outfit

So, these were the Reels that always make me gush at their cuteness? I mean, how can we not? They both look so perfect with each other! Hope y’all enjoyed their fun and fashionable moments! To check out more content of Ritvi, go through 5 Voguish Reels by Queen of Fashion Inspo, Ritvi.