Content creation as a profession demands a creator to get up-close and personal with their audience. Keeping it real is the way to the viewers’ hearts. And that’s exactly what Ritvi Shah does. Ritvi is a popular fashion content creator who’s known for her creative and aesthetic content. She is so authentic in everything that she puts out there for her 302K followers on Instagram. Her efforts and hard work shine through her work and content. Another aspect of her authenticity is her relationship with Sarthak Jambekar. Both these lovebirds are the cutest together.

ritvi and sarthak relationship goals instagram creator couple

Ritvi and Sarthak are literally couple goals. They both are so real, expressive, and mutually respectful towards each other. Ritvi’s content goes beyond her fashion styling and aesthetics. Sarthak and her relationship is a huge part of her content as well. Their mushy romantic, thoughtful yet entertaining reels and pictures are loved by their audiences. The way he supports her in every content idea that she has and helps her out with the same is just so heartwarming to watch.

They may be different from one another but they complement each other perfectly. Like they say, opposites attract. Ritvi has a joint Instagram account with her boyfriend Sarthak where they post adorable content along with brand collaborations. Ritvi always tries to make her audience a part of her content by keeping them engaged and they love it too. Sarthak is also sweet enough to react and respond to the comments under their reels and posts.

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How They Met

Ritvi and Sarthak actually met through the dating appTinder” 4 years ago. They both matched with each other on the app and started “going out.” Initially, the two of them were not looking for anything serious when they matched. Ritvi recollects him saying how much he did not want to be in a relationship as if there was no changing his mind. But when they met for the first time, it was love at first sight for Sarthak while Ritvi knew he would be in her life for a long time and strongly felt that she found “the one.”

Ritvi wanted to take it slow and get to know him better to be sure about her feelings for him. Sarthak was quite eager to make her his girlfriend after they met to which she said, “I’ll let you know when I’m ready because I don’t want to rush into this.” Sarthak was super patient with her through it all. And the day they completed one year of knowing each other, she gave him a promise ring and asked him to be her boyfriend. What a cute love story, right?

Their Connection

Vice asked people if they would break up with their partner in case they don’t post them on social media. Ritvi was one of the responders. She said that it’s important to understand how your partner likes to express themselves. “… It’s not that Sarthak doesn’t like to post about us. It’s simply that his immediate reflex is to express gratitude in person rather than posting about it,” she explains. “I wouldn’t call it a ‘compromise’ but it’s more of an understanding that he has his way of showing gratitude and I have mine. As long as we don’t stop doing the little things for each other, offline or online.

Sarthak has never made her feel like her job is an imposition. “Even though what I do is exactly the opposite of his personal work, he takes so much interest in it, whether it be taking my pictures, filming, setting up for a shoot,” she shares. But Ritvi recommends taking what you see online with a pinch of salt. Not all that glitters is gold. “Just because we don’t post our relationship struggles doesn’t mean they don’t exist.” 

Let’s take you through 10 of their super cutesy moments together through their Instagram journey:

This has got to be one of the cutest Ritvi x Sarthak moments! Ritvi was lehenga shopping and she tried one on while someone filmed Sarthak’s unfiltered reaction of him looking at her in awe. He was speechless while sitting next to his mom; it is beyond adorable to watch!

A complete package as a boyfriend, Sarthak knows what his girl needs. Getting good pictures is extremely essential for a creator and a perfectionist like Ritvi will go to great heights to get it right. Enter: Sarthak.

He definitely is the best Ken this Barbie could get. Love the effort and Barbie-themed fashion aesthetics here, it’s so on point for both.

Ritvi has hinted at the upcoming couple Navratri content while reposting this reel from last year. The two lovebirds had coordinated their outfits while dancing their heart out to the garba songs.

Ritvi gave a relationship twist to the “4 log bole” trend. She posted screenshots of people’s comments where they are in disbelief how Sarthak and she found each other, titled “Girlfriend aisi ho ki 4 log bole…” She captioned the post saying ” ‘Which god do you pray?’ Is a question people ask me A LOT 🙏🤌

The couple often gets hosted at fancy hotels around the country. This time they had a staycation at the “Courtyard By Marriott Hinjewadi” in Pune. And the two of course did a stunning photoshoot together.

Trust Ritvi to be the Queen of transitions. She is so impeccably good at getting the perfect shot. This was another one of their staycations at The Roseate in New Delhi for her 23rd birthday.

You know we’re nearing the end of the year when everyone starts posting their “Spotify Wrapped.” Ritvi gave the trend a twist by posting a series of cute pictures while being wrapped in Sarthak’s arms. “Spotify wrapped? Nahhh more like wrapped in Sarthak’s arms 😂🥰 (4th picture = safe place)” she wrote.

The couple doesn’t shy away from talking about intimacy. While promoting the products of My Muse, they talk about their “top 3 healthy relationship tips” – Learn their love language, having separate lives and a life together, and be spontaneous to keep the spark alive.

Always lost in each other, how adorable is their 2022 key highlights? It’s the perfect amalgamation of their favourite moments from last year.

We totally stan these heart-eyed lovers and look forward to watching a lot more of adorable, creative and entertaining content from them.