FilterCopy is a sharable content platform of Pocket Aces which provides freshly brewed stories that are indeed a treat to watch. FilterCopy videos are pure, funny, nostalgic and rejuvenating with each video having a different charm of its own. While we are on the subject of delightful FilterCopy videos. Let’s have a look at the best sketches and videos of FilterCopy. Our top picks.


Things We’ve All Learnt In Our Childhood

Every School Romance

Silly Things We’ve All Heard In Our Childhood

Being Single

7 Most Memorable Moments in a Relationship

Fashion Conversations With Mom

When Your Boyfriend Puts You In Awkward Situations

When Love Begins With Hate

When Your Partner Is Annoying But Cute

Story Of Every Medical Student

10 Bad Jokes That Will Make Your Day

Almost Shaadi At 4AM

Thoughts You Have While Studying

Struggles Of Being A Lawyer

When You’re Frank AF

Moms During Board Exams

Falling For Your Schoolmate

Signs Romance Has No Age Limit

College Ke Aakhri Din

If Laziness Were A Person

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