There’s something so comforting about old things. The old worn-out T-shirt that you’re not ready to bid farewell to. The book you read multiple times and just sliding your fingers takes you back to happier times. The chat place you visited as a kid sweeps you off with nostalgia. It is the familiarity that makes the world of the past, a comforting space. Photographer Sutej Singh Pannu has the ability to do exactly this. With the photographs he captures, he transports you to a magical yesterday. 

Knowing the man behind the lens

Sutej Singh Pannu is a celebrated photographer. With the growing craze for a “viral wedding,” the burden on photographers is only increasing. This however does not deter Mr Singh who has an eye for detail. Hailing from Chandigarh,  India, he sees Weddings as a celebration and not merely an event. He brings his traditional roots to Vancouver, Canada, where he has been residing

Apart from stellar wedding portraits, Sutej Singh Pannu gained popularity for capturing stills in their rawness. He earned a lot of fame during the farmer’s movement where he captured the resilient spirit of our farmers. He brings out the best in people and captures them in the very moment.

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Alongside being a photographer, Mr Pannu also talks about spirituality and well-being. He believes in the power of the inner self and how looking inwards can help us enhance our individuality and strengthen our connection with the outside world. 

The Wedding Portraits. 

Sutej Singh Pannu is a photographer who professionally captures weddings. He is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers of our time.  Instead of creating the perfect moment, he captures the moment perfectly. His sepia-hued wedding portraits are definitely one of the best takeaways from the wedding.

Mr Singh and his team have captured plenty of weddings to date, creating a mixture of candid and traditional photography. Through their storytelling approach, they narrate the stories of love and happiness that are the central themes at a wedding. 

Sutej and Harsukh’s Wedding

Only last year, the wedding photographer Sutej married the love of his life, Harsukh Deol, in the most magical wedding of the year. Instead of a flashy scene, the duo opted for an intimate wedding taking us back to the retro world of the 80s and 90s.

The couple moved to Jalandhar in Punjab for their wedding and opted for the traditional way where they ditched the services of a wedding planner and assigned different tasks to different members of the family. When ideas are aligned, it only strengthens the union and Sutej and Harsukh are proof of this.

The Instagram Photo Series

Something that has garnered a lot of attention in the recent past is the visual series documented by Sutej Pannu and presented on his social media, Instagram. In the photo series, Pannu has documented the day-to-day life of the people living in Punjab, a land of celebration. While most people see Punjab as a homogenous land, in reality, the land is home to people coming from different backgrounds but it is the feeling of community that binds them together.

Sutej Singh Pannu captures this community essence in the most overwhelming manner. He celebrates humility in the light of abundance- the abundance of love and belongingness. He does see people as subjects and does not present them through a pretentious lens. In fact, he showcases the ordinary life of the people living in Punjab in the most extraordinary way.

This somewhere comes from his familiarity with the land and his belongingness towards “his people.” The elderly couple walking down the street is like his own and he blends with every group with his simple but earnest ‘Waheguru.’

It is difficult to get through Sutej’s profile without shedding tears. However, the tears will be of joy and pride to see a fellow Indian do so well for his country. His efforts show India in a more honest light, away from the cliches. Neither does he show off the latest infrastructure nor does he depict India as a poverty-ridden third-world country. He shows India’s humility in abundance and celebrates its very core.