Disha Madan, the dancer, actor, and a mom to two- 3 in 1 is going to make her way into your heart with her moves and with the one who dances with her- Jhula! Disha is a dancer and lifestyle content creator who constantly posts dance reels on her account. She has been dancing for a long time now but with her prop or should I say main partner, Jhula, for some months now.

An Introduction of Disha by Disha. While this video talks about how she made it to YouTube, she has told very well from the start to the jouney of her making content from Gram to YouTube.

Disha who does different episodes from time to time, started her own episodic series of dancing with her Jhula. In a conversation with Social Nation, Disha told about how this came into action and what lead to her creating content.

How did you first get into content creation? How did you begin Dancing with Jhula?

Content creation happened by accident. I was in this industry way before it was even an industry. I used to just do videos for fun and accidentally tumbled upon TikTok and did a few videos, they went viral and eventually, it just became a profession even without my knowledge. Everything happened so smoothly that the transition was just surprising to me.

One afternoon when I was putting my daughter to sleep in her Jhula at my mom’s place, I came across this Tamil track with this guy who has done the choreography. It was very catchy and slow that she fell asleep so quickly. So I put her to sleep on the bed, came to the balcony and I was just like, where do I place my phone? Since I didn’t have my tripod. I then kept my phone on the Jhula. Once I kept it there, I did one take without the swinging motion. And I thought it was a nice video by chance. I just thought, you know what, let’s swing it. And Boom! That’s how Dancing With the Jhula happened.

As it is a very heavy Jhula. It just swings with the tune without any effort. And I don’t even know how it got viral. That video has like five and a half million views and still counting. And after that, I did plenty more, which still kept getting popular and people just love seeing that motion. So, yeah, that’s how it happened.

You’ve amassed a large following on social media. How do you stay authentic and true to yourself while navigating the pressures of being in the public eye?

I think it’s just about being very honest with your followers. I don’t sugarcoat things. If I’m having a bad day, with the children. I put up a story saying I’m having a bad day with the children. If I’m having a great day and the children are behaving, I put that up as well. No drama.

So I feel like it’s just this honesty and transparency that I try to maintain with my followers and the people that I have on my social media that keep them engaged. Also in my story, I do not hesitate to talk about my personal journey, like my whole experience with two c sections & postpartum. So I think I’ve been very transparent in terms of that. And I like to be like that when if somebody, like, a follower of mine sees me off camera, sees me in real life, I don’t think they’d see a lot of difference between me on social media and off social media.

What do you consider to be the most challenging part of being a content creator, and how do you overcome those challenges?

My biggest thing would be creative blocks because as a creator, I feel like we are not satisfied with our work. Very often, it’s not about the audience. The audience will love what you throw at them. Maybe comedy reels, maybe dance reels.

They will love it. But at a point of time when you’ve done five, six videos itself, you feel like, oh, my God, is this all that I can do? Shouldn’t I be doing more? Shouldn’t I be doing something bringing more variety? So I think as creators, we put ourselves into that little box where we get into a creative block.

And how I overcome that is using inspiration and help from outside. I work with content writers. I work with comedians who write some of my sketches. I feel like that helps me kind of see things from a different perspective. Technically speaking, it just helps me see from a different perspective.

Disha does different series other than Dancing With Jhula like Six Yards, Dance 101, Funny Sketches, and more.

Six Yards

Six Yards is a series where she tells you about different sarees and facts about the work done over them.

Your fans are a huge part of your success. How do you engage with them and what kind of impact have they had on your journey?

I wouldn’t call them my fans. I’d rather say my audience, my followers. Yeah, my audience has been with me for years, from 2014, ever since I started. There are so many people who recognize me from music, TV serials, & from my reality dance shows. I think it’s been a journey of growth. There’s been a few times where I would have said something on social media, and then instantly I get DM’s saying, listen, we’re worried about you, we care about you!

My audience is instantly there for me to mentally boost me up and just keep me in that happy space. And in terms of what I do for them. I think I do a lot of Q and A. I try to talk to a lot of people and ensure I am easily approachable. In fact, during my pregnancy Q & A, there are a lot of mums who message me with their situations and I ensure I take the time out to personally reply back to them and make them feel good. I just see myself as someone who’s popular, that’s all. I wouldn’t call myself a celebrity.

What’s more that you want to do as a content creator? If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I am pretty sure I’d just be a professional dancer or a choreographer. I’d be trying out auditions
around the globe. I still don’t see myself away from the entertainment industry. I feel like I was
made for this industry.

Dance 101

This has to be my favorite series out of them all! Disha dances and makes her husband groove to the beats too. As someone in the comments said, one of them is performing while the other one is enjoying it completely!

The videos are hilarious and so fun to watch. I would definitely want to see more of it.

How does social media impact your life? Do you think the numbers and comments matter to you?

I agree engagement is a very big part of growth, But I don’t think that is solely what is important. Of course, it is important in terms of revenue generation. But I don’t feel like that’s totally important. Every time I meet people offline at events, many tell me they follow your Sari series, and Namama series but that does not mean all these audiences always engage on social media. I know it reached my target audience but doesn’t have to necessarily convert into engagement, which is still okay for me. I don’t stress about numbers.

Also, since I am not a one-brand person. I do content related to lifestyle, motherhood, comedy and so much more, I have a set number of audiences that watch a set number of things on my profile.

Nam Amma Series

This series has old mumma and new mumma conversing with their perspectives.

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What are your future goals for your content creation career, and what can your audience expect to see in the coming months?

My future goal is definitely to continue whatever I’m doing right now. I have a variety of audiences who follow me for a variety of content. I would definitely want to continue creating creative content and not lose my audience’s attention who are my biggest cheerleaders!

She also involves her kids in her content and that’s just beautiful to watch.

Both the kids Avira and are adorable and know just like their mother how to be camera adorable too!

What advice do you have for aspiring content creators who want to follow in your footsteps?

No industry is easy, this industry is tough too. That being said if you focus on your niche and give your audience content that can add any kind of value to their life, then you can be a clear winner.

Finally, what message do you want to send to your fans and followers who have supported you throughout your journey?

It’s been a decade since all of you are with me. No amount of gratitude can express how blessed I feel. You have always been my cheerleader and that truly feels really really special. Thank you is all that I can say 🙂

I hope you enjoy watching her content as much as I enjoyed writing about it! Disha makes sure when you visit her profile you don’t leave unattended from different types of content. I hope Disha keeps dancing to the beats of her heart and makes content that makes her happy throughout!