Kaccha Limbu, a Hindi word, directly translates to people who are not mature. It is often used in sports in India to describe a player who is not fit to play the real game but is only a part of the team for its numeric value. The latest feature film ‘Kacchey Limbu’ starring Radhika Madan, Rajat Barmecha and Ayush Mehra, tells the story in the same essence as the word. 

Aditi played by Radhika Madan has always been an ardent follower of her brother, Akash portrayed by Rajat Barmecha. While Rajat always wanted to be a Cricketer, he find himself struggling in the corporate world. One fine day, Rajat lands himself in a team but he now has new challenges to face.

After a challenge, Aditi decides to form her own team to fight in the league but to her dismay, she has to compete against her own brother, to walk towards her victory. The film shows the familial conflicts that come in the way of passion and try to depict how love triumphs it all. 

The debutants

Shubham Yogi, who is the Director of the film made his feature film debut with Kacchey Limbu. He is best known for his series Minus One and his short film Kaande Pohe. Shubham also worked on the Ranbir-Priyanka starrer Barfi where he was the assistant director. 

Not just for Shubham but for Ayush Mehra as well, this will be one of the many firsts. A digital heartthrob, Ayush has earned a significant fan following through his charming smile in series and on social media. He is popularly known for his role in Minus One, Please Find Attached, Operation MBBS, etc. He is also loved extremely for the humorous content that he creates on his social media accounts, particularly Instagram.

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Ayush Mehra In Kacchey Limbu

Ayush Mehra will be seen playing a significant part in the upcoming film Kacchey Limbu. A former teammate of Akash (Rajat Barmecha), Ayush joins Aditi (Radhika Madan) to form a new team to fight the serious Gully Cricket battle. Alongside Madan, Ayush will help glue different individuals together, to form a strong team consisting of sportspersons. 

The efforts of Radhika Madan and Ayush Mehra will form a large part of the storyline as they bring a diversified crew to become a team. Not just any team but a strong team who slowly but steadily marks their presence in the emotionally charged world of Gully cricket. 

The Colleague Support

Seeing one of their kind, many Content Creators came forward to show their support to Ayush Mehra for his debut film. Some of those who are super enthusiastic about their friend include Ansh Duggal, Meiyanh Chang, Karan Sonawane of Focused Indian fame, Saurabh Ghagde, and Rj Karishma. Kusha Kapila in her recent collaboration with Ayush Mehra, motivated her followers to watch Ayush’s latest film. 

Kacchey Limbu International Accolades

Kacchey Limbu premiered first at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. Followed by the World Film Screening At Bangkok and a show at the International Film Festival of Kerala. It has been widely appreciated for its feel-good storyline along with an exciting screenplay. 

Ayush Mehra debuts in Kacchey Limbu premiers at TIFF

A Great Capture

Where Can you Watch it?

You can watch Kacchey Limbu on Jio Cinemas from 19th of May. It is available for streaming for free.

Ayush Mehra In Kacchey Limbu will stream on Jio Cinemas

Rahul REX Official

We are super excited to see Ayush Mehra in his feature film debut and can’t wait to witness his magic. Both Radhika and Rajat and terrific actors, only furthering our interest. Tell us in the comments below what are your thoughts about the movie.