Social media platforms have turned into one of the most influential places on the internet. It only takes minutes for a new trend to set foot on these applications that suddenly spread like wildfire. There are plenty of fun trends on social media that capture the attention of users and keep them engaged. The latest viral trend that has got the internet hooked is the “Man In Finance” trend.

If you’ve heard the viral songLooking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6’5″, blue eyes,” you know you can’t stop singing it. The song is an earworm that you’ll be humming all day! “Did I just write the song of the summer?,” says the creator of this song and trend, Megan Boni in her viral video, which has been viewed millions of times on TikTok. It has become one of the defining internet moments of the summer.

Man In Finance Megan Boni viral song trend social media TikTok Instagram summer trust fund 6'5" blue eyes remix brands comedy content creator

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The Song

Earlier this month, comedy creator Megan Boni a.k.a Girl on Couch uploaded the “Man in Finance” TikTok with the caption “Can someone make this into an actual song plz just for funzies?” It is a close sample to the 2010 Fast East Movement hit song “Like a G6.” What starts as a catchy tongue-in-cheek rhyme, then descends into beatboxed remix noises.

Since its virality, social media musicians and creators have moved fast to using Megan’s audio on their own videos and images, remixing the beat while adding their own spins. On Friday, May 17, Megan Boni teamed up with British music producers and songwriting duo Billen Ted to release the single Man in Finance (G6 Trust Fund) on all the leading streaming services, including Spotify.

Does Megan Actually Want A “Man In Finance”?

The imaginary six-foot-five, blue-eyed finance professional Megan Boni conceptualizes in her song is nowhere close to her actual dream man. “I’m single, I’m turning 27, and all my best friends are getting engaged [and] getting married,” said Boni. “I have a couple of friends who are still single, too, and I kind of wanted to make fun of single girls who are constantly complaining about being single and are like, ‘Why is it so hard [to find someone]?’ but then have these insane needs. Definitely satire, but not a lot of people got that,” explained the creator/singer.

What The Future Holds

In response to her sudden virality and increased TikTok following her trending song has gotten her, Megan Boni is quitting her job to focus on content creation full-time. She’s eager to dedicate more of her time and energy to acting and her comedy content. Her aim is to potentially partner with brands that align with her “lazy girl vibe.” When she released an official version of her song, she said “It’s so insane—I’m getting offers from record labels and I’m like, ‘I’m not a pop star, but thank you.’”

Are Finance Bros Hot Again?

Isn’t it true that whenever you think about the archetypal “man in finance”, it’s hard to imagine anything beyond Leonardo DiCaprio shouting at a room of suited men to do unethical things? This trend and finance bros are definitely the talk of the town. Banking has become somewhat trendy. One study found it was the number-one industry US college graduates wanted to go into, rising from fifth place in 2021.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported this week that working in finance is seen as a good thing among Ivy League Gen Z-ers. And to be honest, why not? The job does bring with it a generous cash flow coupled with stability. What’s to not like? But are the “men” in finance as desirable? Now that’s a topic up for debate.

Man In Finance Megan Boni viral song trend social media TikTok Instagram summer trust fund 6'5" blue eyes remix bankers

The Internet Jumps Onto The Trend

From social media users to meme pages to brands, everyone jumped on the bandwagon of this trending song. Netizens are loving the song, it’s a vibe for sure. They are also hoping that Megan is getting royalties on these remixes. Let’s take you through some of the best adaptations of the “Man In Finance” trend:


Finding the perfect opportunity, put up a billboard citing the lyrics of this viral song for their “VIP Shaadi” product segment. A genius moment marketing stroke.


No one does content like Duolingo does – completely unhinged. This hilarious reel showcases the brand mascot Duo picking candidates that fit the “man in finance” role as per the viral song’s criteria.

Jimmy Fallon’s 10 Years

One of the most loved talk show hosts, Jimmy Fallon celebrated 10 years of hosting “The Tonight Show” with this trend.

The Fictional Men

We all have favourites when it comes to fictional men depicted in various films and series. This reel showcases some of the popular favourites. From Mike of Suits to Barney of HIMYM to Damon of TVD to our very own Hrithik Roshan of ZNMD – oof our hearts are beating fast!

David Guetta’s Concert

The French DJ and record producer dropped this bop at one of his recent concerts.

An Extended Version

There was another extended version of the trending song at this music festival where Megan is seen saying “I’m still f***ing looking for my man. Can you help me find my man?” Post which the crowd is seen going berserk.

Brands x The Trend

Mr. Clean‘s comment was one of the most liked ones on Boni’s video saying, “I’m 6’5[“]! And blue eyes 😏.” Publishing platform Wattpad joked, “the only ones I know that fit that description are fictional,” and LinkedIn wrote, “need a job description to use this beat!” Crocs modified Megan’s lyrics to cater closely to its brand, writing, “Looking for a man outside, hiking, wears crocs, green eyes.

A fashion brand called “Industrie Clothing” had women handing out croissants on the streets to the men working in finance who were walking by.

& of course, the Memes

Laughed out way too loud at this one!

Man In Finance Megan Boni viral song trend social media TikTok Instagram summer trust fund 6'5" blue eyes remix comedy content creator memes

Finance bros are probably having the time of their lives right now.

Where can you find your dream finance guy? London, of course!

Thank you Megan Boni for this absolute banger that we can’t stop vibing to! Looking forward to more vibey music from this comedy content creator.