We have all known Viraj Ghelani to be an out and proud Gujarati. He is always finding ways to uplift the language and the Gujarati film industry as well. Viraj finally got that golden chance. He is debuting as the lead actor in the Gujarati horror movie called “Jhamkudi” alongside the very talented Manasi Parekh and Ojas Rawal. Out in theatres today, May 31, it’s Viraj’s big day.

From content creation to acting, “Jhamkudi” further solidifies Viraj’s position as a multifaceted entertainer. The movie has been generating significant anticipation and excitement among film enthusiasts ever since its poster, teaser, and trailer dropped. Directed by the talented filmmaker Umang Vyas and written by the skilled screenwriter Heath Bhatt, this film’s unique and captivating storyline has captured the audience’s attention.

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The Cast

Featuring a stellar cast that includes Manasi Parekh, Viraj Ghelani, Ojas Raval, Chetan Daiya, Jayesh More, Helly Thakkar, Nisarg Trivedi, and many other talented actors, ‘Jhamkudi‘ is poised to be a thrilling cinematic experience. With a blend of suspense, drama, and mystery, movie buffs have been eagerly awaiting this film.

The Plot

While Gujarat is celebrating Navratri, the village of Raniwada is forbidden to play Garba due to the curse of an evil witch named Jhamkudi. But when the rules are broken, the haunting begins. Will Babalo (Viraj Ghelani) and Kumud (Manasi Parekh) be able to solve the mystery and save Raniwada from the curse of Jhamkudi? Go watch “Jamkudi” in theatres today to find out! Three of the movie’s songs are also out – Jhamkudi title song, Vaat Che and Jogni.

Viraj On Acting

When asked how he’s feeling about his upcoming movie, Viraj said “Butterflies, fireworks, happy, scared, thrilled—what do I say? It’s been such a rollercoaster.” Earlier he used to hear actors say things like ‘as soon as the camera turns on they become different people’, it stirs something within them and Viraj would wonder how that would be.

“Cut to here I am! Shooting is super exciting! It’s fun to play different characters on screen, but it takes a lot of preparation, let me tell you. One big lesson I’ve learned from being on set and playing different roles is that as long as you sincerely do your work, nothing else matters,” said the creator-actor.

Viraj Ghelani content creator actor Jhamkudi horror thriller movie Manasi Parekh Ojas Rawal

Entering The Gujarati Industry

What sets this movie apart for Viraj is the opportunity to explore a different industry altogether, something that has his roots, culture, and language in it. “Gujarati cinema has its own unique charm, storytelling style, and audience appeal, which I have grown up watching thanks to my family,” said Ghelani.

Playing the lead in a movie is a personal win for Viraj as well as his audience. Viraj further added, “We have seen this entire journey together and they have always motivated me to do better. Them taking part in my success and being supportive of my failures is of utmost importance to me.”

Fans’ Response

Viraj has been dropping his fans’ responses to the movie on his Instagram. From theatre shows going houseful to his followers sending him heartfelt messages, Viraj is overwhelmed with all the love “Jhamkudi” is receiving. He surprised the audience by showing up at some of the screenings. People started hooting, clapping, congratulating him, clicking selfies, and they also gave a standing ovation.

As he continues to tread new paths in comedy and acting, Viraj Ghelani is marking his position as the entertainment pioneer. Here’s wishing the hilarious creator many more feathers in his hat. We can’t wait to watch him on the big screen over and over again!