In today’s episode of endless scrolling, we realised one thing- finally, there is a way to measure infinity- through our Instagram content consumption history. Even after watching unlimited videos, there are few that stick with you. Today, we have three such videos that not only stay in our minds rent-free but for millions of others and have achieved the status of viral videos. The following videos are Ibrahim Ali Khan’s surprising encounter with Charles Leclerc, the heartwarming makeover for Prachi Nigam by Anish Bhagat and Divya Giri’s unthinkable service video

Three viral videos you should watch on Instagram today

Ibrahim Ali Khan and Charles Leclerc’s Surprising Video

Ibrahim Ali Khan, the son of Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan, has recently joined Instagram and ever since he has the most entertaining posts to share. Recently, he shared a delightful moment with Charles Leclerc that took the internet by storm. However, it was not the photos but a conversation between Ibrahim and Charles that was posted by Puma went viral.

During the Miami Grand Prix, Ibrahim met Formula One star Charles Leclerc, who drives for Scuderia Ferrari. In a surprising turn, when Ibrahim Ali Khan asked Charles Leclerc about his well-being, the F1 Driver greeted the Instagram newest debutant in Hindi, saying, “Main badhiya. Aap batao?” 

This unexpected language exchange and the usage of a common Hindi phrase left both fans and Ibrahim Ali Khan pleasantly surprised. The comments section exploded with reactions, ranging from “No way we got Leclerc speaking Hindi before GTA 6” to “He should have said ‘my dad was also a race car driver.’” While some praised Charles Leclerc, some could not look beyond Ibrahim’s striking resemblance to Saif from Tara Rum Pum.

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Prachi Nigam and Anish Bhagat’s Wholesome Video

Prachi Nigam, the Uttar Pradesh Class 10 state board topper, faced unwarranted trolling due to her facial hair. Her achievements were sidelined for the way the girl looked. After excessive trolling, Prachi even confessed that it would have been better had she not topped her exams and scored a few marks less.

In response, Creator Anish Bhagat stepped in with a heartwarming gesture. He visited Prachi Nigam’s home in Mahmudabad, in Uttar Pradesh and shared a video of their interaction on Instagram. The interaction that started with a makeover for Prachi Nigam, turned to be something more wholesome.

In the viral video, instead of  opting for a physical makeover, Prachi Nigam delivers  a powerful message stating, “Dear women, don’t try to fix something that was never broken.” This act by Anish Bhagat won the hearts of netizens. They left comments like, “The moment you said I wanted to give her a glow up, I almost got borderline bothered. Only to see the end result. Glad glad glad,” and “‘Don’t try to fix something that was never broken.’ Best line.

Divya Giri: The Bold Rental Girlfriend Video

In a move that’s both audacious and intriguing, Creator Divya Giri introduced a ‘rental girlfriend’ service with a complete detailed price chart on Instagram. This concept originated in Japan, allowing individuals to hire companions for dates or events sometime back but for Indians, it is still relatively new. 

Ever since Divya Giri’s video of her offering various dating experiences, from a Chill Coffee Date for Rs 1500 to a Public Post about the date for Rs 6000, netizens have not evolved from the shock. However, whether you like it or not, the viral video has more than 4 million views.

The reaction online was predictably mixed. While some were curious or amused, others were outright critical. One user commented, “Girl thinks she is in Japan.” Another quipped, “Assignments likhna ka kitna paise logi” 

These viral videos, each unique in their own right, showcase the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of social media content. Whether it’s a heartwarming message of self-acceptance, a surprising celebrity encounter, or a bold new business venture, these clips remind us why social media is a diverse and distinct world that needs to be traded carefully.