On the eve https://www.socialnationnow.com/your-2023-guide-to-mothers-day-gifting/of Mother’s Day, JioMart came up with something special to show the importance of a mother in our life, even for small things. #ShoutOutToMom features Suresh Menon, Awez Darbar, Aditi Bhatia, Ashnoor Kaur, Ayush Mehra, and Tushar Kalia.

Through all smiles and frowns, the first person we remember is our mom!”, JioMart has stated quite a true fact. Be it any age, or emotion, our mother is what we always think of and utter. It was quite interesting to see the use of “Maa”, “Mumma”, “mummy”, “Ammi” in different ways and situations.

Actor Ayush Mehra portrayed how even for as simple as making a roti, we want to show it to our mom as if it’s a great achievement. Even for the smallest joy, we want to share it with her.

Getting spicy feels? Just call your mom, and feel better. It’s exactly like what Actress Aditi Bhatia did.

Even in times of pain, we always call for our mother. See, how Choreographer Tushar Kalia unconsciously called out after getting backache.

Actress Ashnoor Kaur’s actions perfectly match with how we would have reacted during pain. Shouting out “Mummy” is like the first reflex action.

Agitated by your boss? Dancer Awez Darbar is here to remind you to just recall your mom and it will get better.

Sacred of a tiny lizard? Haha, only “Amma” can come to your rescue. Actor and Comedian, Suresh Menon made sure to reflect this point through his state.

JioMart was sweet enough to give us this reminder, and honestly, I enjoyed it. Watching the creators acting their part gave such positive vibes, and it’s something refreshing.