MostlySane aka Prajakta Koli made her Youtube comeback on 6th May,2021 after her and her family’s complete Covid recovery.

On April 13th,2021. Prajakta posted an update on her Instagram that she will be taking a break from creating and uploading content on Youtube.

The decision was taken positively by her fans (dumdums) who supported her decision. Unfortunately just a fortnight later, on April 17th,2021 Prajakta on her Instagram announced that she has tested positive and asked everyone to take care of themselves.

Although inactive on Youtube, she made efforts to amplify Covid resources via Instagram and even urged people not to fall for any random unverified WhatsApp forward. In the grip of the second Covid wave Prajakta has joined several others who are making efforts to provide aids via Instagram.

In her latest Thursday video ‘10 Questions Answered About PLASMA DONATION | Ep. 01’ Prajakta sits down with Dr. Jayalal (President of the Indian Medical Association) and discusses why plasma donation is important and even has a conversation with Pranav Umbarkar, who has donated plasma twice.

It is good to see you back Prajakta! 
And to all the people fighting hard to help