Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar, alongside Nick, were the only creators from India to attend the Bridgerton event that took place in Bowral, Australia. The premiere show invited selected creators from across the globe to give an exclusive Bridgerton experience. While the pictures from the event stole our hearts, we wanted to see more of it! To our hearts’ desire, Nagma and Awez took to Instagram to share videos from the event as they interacted with the protagonists of this season-  Colin and Penelope. 

Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar at Bridgerton event in Australia

Bridgerton In Bowral

The Bowral event for Bridgerton was an exclusive event hosted by the showmakers and Netflix. Spread over a week, the event not only had a Twilight screening premiere of the first episode but also entertained their guests to county dinners, soirée, and garden party, all in accordance with regency-themed drama. 

Nagma & Awez at BridgertonInBowral

Over the course of their stay, both Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar shared snippets from their stay. However, the highlight for us were the pictures they posted on their Instagram accounts. Dressed in ballroom gowns and gentlemanly attire, both looked like they belonged to the royalty from the Bridgerton era. Nagma in particular looked ethereal in these gorgeous gowns exuding elegance. 

Nagma Mirajkar & Awez Darbar at Bridgerton in Bowral event


The Video Series 

Close to a month after the event, both Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar shared videos from the event in the form of Instagram reels. These videos involve a conversation and a fun game with the lead actors Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton.  

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Nagma Mirajkar enters into the world of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Colin and Penelope asking questions from the show, from the set and from their real lives. One question that left us in splits was when Nagma questioned the lead actors asking whether they had ever worn their costumes backwards to which Penelope responded that she had never worn it backwards on the sets but plenty of times in her real life. This goofy response surely had our hearts.

Awez Darbar on the other hand tickled the memory of Bridgerton stars as he asked Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton to recollect the ‘missing element‘ from a picture. These pictures were from the sets of Bridgerton, particularly from scenes in Season 3 of the series. Looking at all 3 of them having fun was indeed entertaining. When Awez complimented Luke for his increasing popularity in India, his blush reminded us of his charm once again. 

Both Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar have highlighted the influencer of the Indian creator economy by representing the country at such a prestigious event. The games that Nagma and Awez indulged in with Colin and Penelope were exciting and made us feel proud. We can’t wait to see them reach newer heights every day!