Instagram introduced Limits, Stronger Warnings, and Hidden Words to protect the community from abuse on August 10, 2021. The latest update was widely circulated by Instagram Blog, Instagram’s @Creators, Roxanne Chinoy, and Adam Mosseri. Limits is now available globally, and as stated by Instagram’s @Creators, it’s “a temporary setting that allows creators to hide unwanted comments and DMs with a few taps 📲 This enables creators to still get the most out of Instagram while filtering out the rest.”

To operate Limits, have a look at this post by Instagram’s @Creators:

As per Instagram Blog, the new tools help in avoiding abuse on Instagram:

  • “The ability for people to limit comments and DM requests during spikes of increased attention;
  • Stronger warnings when people try to post potentially offensive comments;
  • The global rollout of our Hidden Words feature, which allows people to filter abusive DM requests.”

Check out Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram’s announcement on Limits:

Shedding Light on Limits

Through Limits, you will be able to easily hide comments and DMs from the ones who don’t follow you or your recent followers. This feature makes it accessible for you to stay in touch with your community while limiting those who are just visiting your profile to target you. Instagram Blog states, “Go to your privacy settings to turn it on, or off, whenever you want. We’re also exploring ways to detect when you may be experiencing a spike in comments and DMs, so we can prompt you to turn on Limits.”

Stronger Warnings

If an Instagram user went against the Community Guidelines and posted offensive comments, Instagram has always issued a warning which ranges from lighter to stronger depending on the number of times such comments were made. Now, instead of giving them any more chances, a stronger warning will be shown at the first attempt of any abusive comment.

Hidden Words

To avoid abusive DMs, Instagram launched Hidden Words. According to Instagram Blog, this new feature will “automatically filter offensive words, phrases and emojis into a Hidden Folder, that you never have to open if you don’t want to. It also filters DM requests that are likely to be spammy or low-quality.” It’s better for Instagram profiles with large followers to use this tool both in DMs and Stories. Instagram Blog further explains, “We’ve expanded the list of potentially offensive words, hashtags and emojis that we automatically filter out of comments, and will continue updating it frequently. We recently added a new opt-in option to “Hide More Comments” that may be potentially harmful, even if they may not break our rules.”

For more understanding, go through Roxanne’s post:

So, Limits, Stronger Warnings, and Hidden Words were the three new updates tools that will immensely help in protecting the Instagram community against offensive comments and abusive DMs. To know more, tap HERE!