Celebrity Choreographer Jaquel Knight in partnership with Logitech made it possible for creators whose sassy moves have been going viral on digital platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and so on to secure copyrights for their dance! Recreating their steps, other creators have always made those dances trending but the original creators never received the deserving recognition. It was hard to find the actual dancer who choreographed them, but now it’s finally possible! We all know dance challenges on songs like Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’, Lil Baby’s ‘The Woah’, and Cardi B’s ‘Up’ has been buzzing on social media for a while. Now, it’s time to know about their original creators!

First and foremost is Keara Wilson, creator of the ‘Savage’ dance challenge! She has 206K followers on Instagram, 3 million followers on Tiktok, and 3.26K subscribers on YouTube. She was ecstatic to complete this milestone of finally getting copyright! Atta girl!

Just look at her vibing with Jaquel Knight on ‘Savage’!

Next are Shayné and Zhané Stanley a.k.a the ‘NaeNaeTwins’, with 320K followers on Instagram, over 2 million followers on Tiktok, and 38.5K subscribers on YouTube. They created the remix dance challenge on ‘Savage’.

The fourth creator who received the copyright for the dance challenge on ‘The Woah’ is Young Deji. The dancer has 91.2K followers on Instagram.

Lastly, Mya Johnson’s co-created dance on ‘Up’ with Chris Cotter gained copyrights! So, these were the first six creators to received the honour from Logitech and the JaQuel Knight Foundation. The event was held on July 28, 2021, and all of them were presented with labanotations. Keara Wilson’s agency, Digital Brand Architects clarified it as “an analysis of human movement much like sheet music, which is the first step in the complex and challenging process of securing legal rights to choreography.”