Instagram via its official creators account @creators has announced Branded Content Ads. The new feature is designed to help creators level up their reach and get even more eyes on the content they make for a brand. Let’s have a look at this new Branded Content Ads feature.

What Are Branded Content Ads?

When a creator partners with a brand, the brand may ask for their permission to promote the post. This new feature will allow brands to turn the creator’s organic post into an ad.

How Can They Help Creators?

Branded Content Ads are useful for exposure to new audiences and thereby increase distribution.


In case you didn’t know. A creator has full control over allowing a brand to promote their content.

Granting Permission

Creators can give permission for branded content by tagging the brand partner in the post and then toggling on the “Allow Brand Partners To Promote” option.

Source: Instagram (@creators)

Post-level Permissions

To allow brands to promote an already existing post. Follow these steps:

  • Tap the three dots on the post and select the ‘Edit‘ option.
  • Toggle on the “Add Paid Partnership Label” option and select the associated brand.
  • After tagging the brand, toggle on the “Allow Brand Partners To Promote” option.
Source: Instagram (@creators)

Account-level Permissions

Account level permissions will allow brands to boost any organic post that a creator tags them in using the paid partnership label. The permission will also allow brands to run ads from a creator’s handle which will not appear on their profile. The following steps should be followed to grant account level permission.

  • Settings > Creators > Branded Content Ads > Manage Ads Permissions 
  • Tap on the brand request for details 
  • Approve or decline the request from “Brand Partner Ad Permissions” 
  • Tap “Approve” which will then give the brand access.
Source: Instagram (@creators)

Above all, Creators will get notified when ads from their handle go live! In fact they can view all the active ads in Settings > Creators > Branded Content ads > Active Ads.

For your reference we are also leaving behind the official Branded Content Ads Instagram post by @creators account themselves.