The king of hip-hop, rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, is back as he dropped his new song “Kalaastar” along with Sonakshi Sinha on Sunday, October 15, 2023. “Kalaastar” is the extension of Sonakshi and Yo Yo Honey Singh’s previous music album “Desi Kalaakar” which was released in 2014. The music for the new track was composed by Bass Yogi, and the lyrics were written by Rony Ajnali and Gill Machhrai. Jonas Beck skillfully directed the music video for Kalaastar.

In Kalaastar, he is ready to win back Sonakshi Sinha and elope with her. With “Desi Kalakaar,” Honey hit it out of the park, breaking all records when it was released nine years ago. He brings his swag back for this song, alongside Sonakshi. Sporting a whole new look, we see him donning the same clothes as he did in “Desi Kalakaar,” while getting freed from his jail time. The video then follows with text that reads, “Kalaastar – Back For the Second Chapter.

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The Reception

It’s been a day since the song was released, and it is already trending everywhere and is #1 on Trending for Music. Netizens are also showering praise on Sonakshi over her look in the track. Talking about her collaboration with Honey Singh, Sonakshi said, “Associating with Yo Yo Honey Singh once again after 9 years was an utter pleasure. Working with Honey is always fun, and the vibe this song has is full of swag. To top that, it’s an extension of Desi Kalkaar that was loved so much by fans. I hope we get the same response this time too, since Kalsaastar is quite the trooper in the current music space.

Desi Kalakaar

The peppy song was filmed in various locations around the suburbs of Los Angeles, California including Culver City and Palmdale. The music video begins with Honey Singh calling up his girlfriend, played by Sonakshi, to know about her father’s (played by Gulshan Grover) decision about their relationship. She tells him that her dad will never let her marry a singer. Honey Singh then picks up Sonakshi from her house and the couple elope. What follows is a long car chase sequence which ends with Gulshan Grover sending Honey Singh to jail.


The music video of the song picks up 9 years after Desi Kalakaar’s storyline. It showcases the palpable chemistry between Honey and Sonakshi. Honey Singh is let out of jail after serving his 9 years post getting arrested and he proceeds to Amsterdam to meet Sonakshi. She is married now. He entices and persuades her to leave her husband and elope with him once more. They are chased by the police but make it to his private jet. He addresses Sonakshi saying “You’re my Asli Sona.” Towards the end of the video, they are shown to leave for Puerto Rico and it is revealed that their story is “To Be Continued.”

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We can’t stop grooving to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s new track! What about you?