The Navratri season is one of colour, culture and charisma. With pictures being taken at the speed of light and social groups expanding with every round of Garba, setting your glowing and radiating foot forward is a must. Today, we have a treat for both beauty enthusiasts and beginners as we speak to a very special creator. Her latest trends will help the enthusiasts remain updated and the beginners can hit the bull’s eye with her beauty tips and tricks. An embodiment of creativity, talent and artistry, Diksha Sachdev is a professional makeup artist and truly a master of her craft. Join us to learn about Diksha’s insights to dazzle this Navratri.

Let tips for Navratri makeup with Diksha Sachdev

SN: How does the festive spirit of Navratri inspire your beauty and makeup choices?

Diksha: Navratri is all about creativity. I like to make sure that I am capturing the essence of Navratri with the dots and bindis. I think, even with very simple makeup, you can elevate the entire look with the outfit and the dots.

SN: Can you share your favourite beauty products or makeup looks that you believe complement traditional Navratri outfits?

Diksha: I don’t like to suggest any beauty products because I feel everybody already has a set of products that they love. Since Navratri outfits, in general, are heavy, it’s always better to go in with a minimal look. If you want to add a pop of colour, you can opt for a coloured liner so that it gives a minimal vibe and does not take away from the outfit. At the same time, you can also experiment with your bindis. I would most certainly go for complementary colours, like blue and orange, so the entire look looks put together.

Diksha Sachdev gives Navratri makeup tips

SN: How do you ensure that your makeup stays fresh and vibrant during the energetic Navratri celebrations?

Diksha: This is very important. Firstly, you make sure that you prep your skin well. You can use a very nice pore filling primer or a mattifying primer. This step will make sure that your base makeup lasts longer. 

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Second, make sure that the foundation that you’re applying either says HD or matte or long-lasting or long-wearing. These are the four keywords that you should look for while buying a foundation. When you’re setting your base, you have to set it well. If you have dry skin, I’d suggest you set it lightly, and you can resort to touch-ups. You can also bake your face to lock that base really well.

Now, when it comes to the eyes, kajal is a patent product for Indian festive looks. Set your kajal with a powder or a black eyeshadow to make sure it does not smudge. You can finally top it off with a nice matte lipstick along with some fixing spray.

SN: Are there any specific colour palettes or trends in makeup that you feel are particularly well-suited for Navratri?

Diksha: I feel that green is quite in right now. People are experimenting with different tones of green and I love that. For Navratri, you can experiment with colours, be it for eyeshadows or dots. Greens and blues are tones that can be paired with anything. Secondly, when it comes to makeup trends, I feel a coloured liner is something that’s trending quite a bit. You can smudge this to give a nice diffused look. 

SN: What skincare tips do you have for maintaining a healthy and radiant complexion during the festive season?

Diksha: The skincare tips that I want to give are actually very basic. Make sure that you intake good products. Eat green leafy vegetables, and drink a lot of water. You can make detox water for yourself every morning. I am a firm believer that whatever you put inside your body shows on the outside.

When it comes to skincare, you need to know your skin type, because if you don’t, it’s going to be very difficult for you to find the right products for your skin which in turn will hamper your skin condition. Know your skin type and accordingly invest in products for your skin.

SN: Do you have any go-to hairstyles that you think can complement the traditional attire worn during Navratri?

Diksha: My go-to hairstyle for Navratri has to be something which is tied up. I don’t like to leave my hair open while playing Garba. A braided ponytail or French braids, or even a braided bun looks nice. A Sleek bun with Gajra also looks amazing. When you play Garba, it tends to get sweaty and my hair is the last thing I want to worry about. 

Pro makeup tips by Diksha Sachdev this Navratri

As we take a moment to reflect on the significance of beauty and makeup during the Navratri season, we want to thank Diksha Sachdev for giving us these invaluable tips. Diksha’s on-point suggestions and creative ideas are simply extraordinary and will help us stand out in the crowd. Who knew, the perfect makeup look for the festival was only a conversation away?