Trends and Social Media are an inseparable pair and there is no denying that. Every trend has its hay days and then slowly fades away, being replaced by another. We often see the youth recreating these videos on trends but did you ever think about what happens when our parents try their hands at these? Well, to begin with, A) it turns out to be the most adorable thing and B) it can soon turn into a viral sensation. Wait, we have proof for what we are saying. Vijaya Chauhan and Virendra Chauhan, a middle-aged couple, tried their hands on the Edge audio trend and the internet has been unable to keep calm since then.

Vijaya Chauhan viral edge audio video

Who is Vijaya Chauhan?

Vijaya Chauhan is a Hyderabad-based Director and Writer, who has a feed very similar to that of our mothers. From throwback pictures of herself from when she was young to videos of her garden capturing the beautiful home-grown flowers, Vijaya ji resembles our parents strikingly. However, she took the world by surprise with a recent video that has millions of views on Instagram, already!

What is this video?

Vijaya Chauhan along with her husband Virendra Chauhan, went out on a drive on the beautifully lit Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge in Hyderabad. Here, the duo attempted the Rezz challenge and recorded a video using the Edge audio. Even though the video is not the best-synced video, the sheer innocence of the couple and their vigour to try new things has touched our hearts and the hearts of thousands of other netizens. 

The increasing numbers

Vijaya’s Edge audio video is now a viral sensation and has taken the internet by storm. With 13.2 million views, the video is liked by more than 630K people and has close to 10K comments. Within 26 hours of posting, the Rezz trend reel had 2.1 million views to its credit.

The Edge audio video has been shared by multiple public accounts on Instagram. While some call it the ultimate definition of couple goals, sadly a few accounts also make fun of the video. Nonetheless, all of this has added to the already booming popularity of the video and made it into an amplifying phenomenon. 

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Other videos

Since the Rezz video, Vijaya Chauhan has been enjoying an excellent engagement on her Instagram account. On average, she has 40K and above views on all her reels. However, the likes and comments have significantly dropped. This does not stop us from appreciating her. Her latest reels, the one on Heeriye audio and the other captioned ‘money world’ are extremely adorable and we can’t stop watching it.

We often think of ourselves as liberals who believe in giving space to others to explore themselves and their interests, but when it comes to older people, we become uncomfortable. However, with growing diversity on social media, especially Instagram, there are chances that we expand our ideas of creativity and entertainment, including the older generation in it.