In a digital age where influencers wield unprecedented power in shaping consumer choices, Forbes India, in collaboration with Goat, GroupM’s brand-safe influencer and content marketing solution, has unveiled the eagerly anticipated ‘India’s Top 100 Digital Stars‘ list. This comprehensive ranking represents a cross-section of content creators from diverse domains and platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. It underscores the profound impact digital influencers have had on marketing and consumer decision-making in India.

The Elite of India’s Digital Realm

The second edition of ‘India’s Top 100 Digital Stars’ continues to celebrate the extraordinary work of original content creators across nine categories: Comedy, beauty, fashion & lifestyle, business & finance, health & fitness, food, tech, travel & photography, and social work. The list, as unveiled by Forbes India, is not just a testament to the remarkable influence of these creators but also a reflection of the evolving preferences of the audience.

At the helm of this prestigious list, tech creators have taken centre stage. Contributing significantly, 18 tech creators made it to the list, with Rakesh Kumar AKA Gyantherapy leading the pack at Rank 5.

Forbes India released India's Top 100 Digital Stars list

Dharna Durga is at the peak of her career. With her visibility growing at the speed of light, she is ruling the list with Rank 1. Apoorva Mukhija AKA the.rebel.kid is a close second, followed by Raj Grover. All these three are comedy creators establishing that laughter indeed is the mightiest medicine. Kusha, Ankita, the Funcho duo, the Gaur siblings, and Viraj were among the many others on the list. 

Nevertheless, a notable aspect of the list is that men and women are nearly equally represented in this exclusive roster, showcasing the industry’s diversity and inclusivity. It’s not just about influencing trends; it’s about impacting society, and this year’s list also features the Goat changemakers, creators dedicated to social causes. The list honoured OTT debutant Trinetra among others for the change they are bringing in the society through their content.

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Forbes India’s Magazine Cover Stars

The ‘India’s Top 100 Digital Stars’ list is more than just a compilation of influential personalities. It’s a testament to the dynamic nature of influencer marketing. The Forbes India magazine cover for this special edition features some of the brightest stars from the digital world. 

Ankush Bahuguna, Aakansha Monga, Devinder Maheshwari, and Dharna Durga, from the India’s Top 100 Digital Stars list, shone brightly on the cover. These cover stars are individuals who have successfully harnessed the power of the digital realm to reach and engage with massive audiences.

Key Metrics and Selection Procedure

The process of selecting these digital luminaries involves a multi-step approach that employs a range of key metrics. Forbes India’s rigorous methodology takes into account various aspects of the influencers’ reach and impact. These metrics include followers, engagement, views, reach, and impressions, providing a comprehensive view of their influence.

For ranking purposes, a proprietary algorithm, known as the Goat Score, is employed. This algorithm assesses content based on engagement rates and showcases the quality of engagement. Additionally, a Genuity Score is used to identify and combat fraudulent practices like fake followers. To further enhance transparency and authenticity, Forbes India considers only verified profiles for inclusion in the list. Moreover, the presence of disclosure labels, complying with industry standards, is an integral part of the selection process. 

The analysis is predominantly focused on three major social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, which are prominent in influencer marketing campaigns. Creators are not obligated to be present on all these platforms, and data is consolidated to provide a holistic view of their influence.

Forbes India, in partnership with Goat, has once again recognised and celebrated the influence and impact of digital creators in India. Through a meticulous selection process and comprehensive metrics, this list spotlights the cream of India’s digital influencers, showcasing the individuals who have successfully captivated and influenced audiences in the ever-evolving digital realm.