Do you know about this fire collaboration that just hit the town? Let us drop a few more clues. An extremely popular and equally hilarious comedy creator has partnered with a fabulous clothing brand to announce her exclusive collection. To elucidate,  Instagram sensation Apoorva Mukhija, popularly known as ‘The Rebel Kid,’ has just rocked the scene with Freakins for their latest collection. Her collection has clothes that are both cute and comfortable, basically replicating Apoorva’s fashion aesthetics to its very core.

Rise to Fame

Starting as a regular college-goer, Apoorva introduced her magic as a content creator during her first year of college. Her reels on Instagram soon went viral, and boom there is no looking! She’s now the talk of the town, pulling in followers faster than a magnet attracts pins. She has rightly partnered with big brands including Coca-Cola, Milton and has also made her way to the Forbes list

Her content has emerged over the years and now is a perfect mix of lip-syncs, GRWM videos, travel tales, relatable comedy, and killer fashion inspo—yup, all that and more is her secret recipe to fame.

Freakins X Apoorva: A Game-Changing Collab

This ain’t your usual collab, folks. Apoorva teamed up with Freakins, the denim kings, to drop a collection that screams Apoorva’s vibes. And boy, does it match her persona! Hell yes! It is a collection that every Gen Z dreams of owning and Millennials would be lying if they said they are not hoarding it up.

It is confidence meets fashionista, all wrapped up in denim goodness. From everyday essentials to the perfect party spice, Apoorva X Freakins is the collection that can fix most problems in your life. 

Collection Highlights

The best part about the collection is this is not the usual women’s line or one that can be defined in boxes. It’s got that premium unisex vibe going on. From flowy T-shirts and shirts to oversized jackets, Apoorva X Freakins caters to all. It also has a range of crop tops, corsets, dresses and skirts, that are perfect for date night to girl’s night out.

Apoorva X Freakins Collections is pure gold

It’s like Apoorva’s personality just jumped out and said, “Wear me!” This collection isn’t playing favourites. It’s catering to everyone’s tastes. It’s not just for the ladies; it’s a whole vibe for anyone looking to amp up their style game.

Name Game Strong

The names of these clothes are as cute as they come and as cute as the collection. ‘Princess Treatment,’ ‘Sanskaari Midi Skirt,’ and hold your horses—how about the ‘Almost green flag’ dress”? Yep, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Get ready to fill up that cart with these Gen Z approved styles.

Apoorva X Freakins Collections is a fashion statement

A Launch Party That Will go Down In History

To match the energy of this supremely energetic collaboration, she gave her peeps a chance to join her at the launch bash by giving 5 lucky winners to join her as she unveils these beauties. Talk about major FOMO for those who missed out! (Silently weeping) The hype was real, the excitement was off the charts and the party was better than the best.

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Apoorva’s Crew Takes the Stage

It wasn’t just Apoorva shining bright; her crew, including friends and her boyfriend Utsav Dahiya, brought their A-game wearing pieces from the Apoorva X Freakins collection. 

The campaign video is nothing short of magic, as the squad comes together to celebrate their dearest in their most natural element. Just a group of friends hanging out, only with perfect lights and brilliant camera.

Freakins Campaigns

The Apoorva X Freakins campaign is surely a fashion blockbuster but Freakins has always been known for its interesting campaigns and extraordinary clothes. They have repeatedly paid their allegiance to Content creators, roping in both big and small creators in terms of their followers.

Alongside the Apoorva collection, Freakins also collaborated with popular creators such as Aaliyah Kashyap, Uorfi, Prakriti Saha and many others donning Freakins ensembles and slaying these outfits like no other. 

Apoorva didn’t just drop a collection; she unleashed a piece of herself in every stitch. Freakins X Apoorva is a game-changer in the fashion scene, making rebelliousness the new trend. This collaboration is just the start for her. With her creativity and knack for setting trends, we believe she’s just getting started.