Zoya Akhtar has gone out and about to promote her upcoming film, ‘The Archies.’ From the very onset, she has adopted an out-of-the-box approach to promote her creative venture. Be it the flyer flying high above the Gateway of India or those adorable roller skate cars to ‘vroom,’ through the city, the team has always taken it big. This time, leaving behind everything they had done before, the team of The Archies collaborated with Boat, the electronics brand. To give an ode to the film, boat introduced a limited edition soundbox where you can play the beats of Riverdale to your heart’s delight. As if this was not creative max, they released a digital campaign to announce the collaboration while having Orry and many content creators on board.

The interesting soundbox 

Like Skybags, Starbucks and Maybelline, the boat also announced a limited edition device inspired by The Archies. The soundbox has a very unique name, called the Riverdale Rocker. Borrowed from its time, the ‘Rocker’ gives a retro radio feel and has the name of the film embedded in it. This device has a 6 hours playback life and will be made available for purchase, shortly. 

Creators in the Boat X The Archies campaign

The digital campaign 

Grooving to the peppy number, the cast of The Archies is seen weaving its magic. However, the most striking part of the campaign is how it does not directly start with the cast. The Riverdale Rocker lands up in today’s time at the doorstep of the biggest celeb of our times, Orry, who is later transported to the town of Riverdale and is joined by The Archies gang. That is not it. We also spotted some of our very favourite content creators, singing and dancing with these rising stars. 

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Omnipresent Orry

The throbbing digital star of the hour, Orry is seen in his element, posing for the paparazzi when he comes across the Riverdale Rocker and in seconds the scene changes to cutouts of Betty, Veronica, Archies and their entire crew. 

Influencers we spotted 

Apart from the unique concept, seeing our favourite creators was definitely a pleasant surprise for us. While theJhumroo Aka Arun Singh was seen enjoying a ride with Betty, Darshan Magdum shone like the sun, quite literally. 

Creators we spotted in the Boat X The Archies campaign

If you think only the boys won the show, let us tell you, you’re mistaken. Girl power was seen in this boat X The Archies campaign too. Apoorva popularly known as The Rebel Kid looked super cute fitting the part of the 60s, whereas RJ Mahvash looked like a doll chilling with the Riverdale Rocker. 

Stars across the year

The Archies X boat campaign was truly a package deal. While we were extremely happy seeing our favourite creators, Orry and the cast of The Archies, the campaign still had some surprises saved for us. It roped in stars from different fields and from different eras to make it a wholesome deal.

While Uorfi Javed, the fashion icon made her presence felt with her charismatic moves, Indian rapper Baba Sehgal got people grooving. Saving the best for the last, star from yesteryears, our very own Rifat Bi aka Farida Jalal was also seen in the campaign putting a smile on Veronica’s face. Joining the big gang, we also spotted boat founder and Shark Tank Shark, Aman Gupta showing off his moves. 

To say the least, this boat X The Archies campaign has truly been one of a kind bringing so many stars together. If we were a judge or a marketing guru, we surely would have given a few additional brownie points for bringing so many of our favourites under the same roof or should we say in the same frame. After watching all these interesting promotional activities, we definitely cannot wait to watch the film.