YouTuber. Content Creator. Actor. Youth Climate Champion with UNDP India. Gates Foundation
Goalkeeper. Winning a Daytime Emmy with Michelle Obama. Is there anything this woman
can’t do, or rather ace?! Prajakta Koli a.k.a. Mostlysane‘s most recent accolade is – shining bright at the COP28 Climate Summit being held in UAE. Prajakta is the only Indian YouTuber to be invited by Google to this significant gathering as a speaker!

From creating the most illustrious YouTube career to being a global climate advocate, she’s making waves for positive change. With over 7.9 million followers on Instagram and 7 million+ subscribers on YouTube, Prajakta joined UNDP as India’s first Youth Climate Champion last year and will be completing close to two years of engagement with the United Nations’ lead agency on international development. She has since been the face of many campaigns to highlight the impact of climate change and engage the younger generation to act now.

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Prajakta x COP28 Summit

The COP28 Climate Summit is taking place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates from November 30 to December 12 of this year. Prajakta Koli will be joining the ranks of John Kerry, King Charles III, Bill Gates, Ajay Banga, the president of World Bank, and Mia Motley the Prime Minister of Barbados at the summit. She is expected to participate in multiple panel discussions and high-level interactions. On December 3, 2023, she interacted with Administrator Michael Regan – Head of US Environmental Protection Agency and Tshilidzi Marwala.

prajakta koli mostlysane COP28 summit uae Administrator Michael Regan

Prajakta’s Day 1 at the summit was about gender equality, artificial intelligence, youth and climate action. Next, she spoke to Susie Perez Quinn, Chief of Staff at NASA and was part of panel discussions with Katie Brand – Chief Sustainability Officer at Google. She is also going to be seen at Kyu House for Climate Stories that Matter and much more, which will propel conversations on how the creator economy can positively impact climate initiatives and assist policymakers in targeting the youth communities.

Prajakta Koli states, “I have always believed in the power of conversations, and events like COP28 are great platforms for these conversations to happen about issues that matter to you and me. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to be in these rooms and be a part do these conversations as well as learn and share more about how we can do better in addressing climate action as a community.

Her UNDP Journey

Together with UNDP India, Prajakta lent her voice to raise awareness about climate action through a YouTube vlog – “Climate Change is Real.” Through UNDP Youth Co:Lab, Prajakta encouraged young social entrepreneurs to effectively utilize their skills to solve some of the country’s pressing issues. Likewise, her engagement with other UN Ambassadors stirred meaningful conversations about climate action and violence against women. 

prajakta koli mostlysane COP28 summit uae kyu house

The world today is facing multiple crises. With the largest youth population in the world, India’s response to these issues has been innovative and skillfully diverse. UNDP’s initiatives on climate action enabled me to propel the youth of this country to take constructive, actionable steps to save our rapidly changing environment. My collaboration with UNDP not only helped me build critical perspectives on several issues but also created awareness about the same,” said Prajakta Koli.  

Dennis Curry, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP India, said, “Over the last year, Prajakta has been advocating for urgent climate action and using her voice to influence young people to act now. She demonstrates that in young people’s leadership lies hope for humanity. Climate change is the defining issue of our lives, and young people are the solution-bearers and the changemakers for a better tomorrow. We look forward to continuing our engagement with her for people and the planet.

Climate Change x Content Creators

At a time when climate change demands urgent action, storytelling is emerging as a powerful tool to reshape our understanding, engagement and action around this global crisis. A behavioural collective change that lies at the heart of transformation can only be achieved through the persuasive art of storytelling. And content creators are a great tool to bring about that change.

Prajakta’s presence at the COP28 summit is one of the biggest opportunities for a content creator to get people talking about the pressing issue of climate change which is no longer a distant reality. She is a member of the advisory council of the Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers as well as UNDP India’s first Youth Climate Champion. She was chosen as one of six YouTubers globally to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering in Davos this year where she met with Greta Thunberg.

prajakta koli mostlysane COP28 summit uae content creator climate change

Every time a creator progresses onto a higher level of success, their fans and community cannot help
but be proud of their achievements like it’s their own. Her fanbase extends beyond the national borders and thus, she can easily enable them to think about these social causes that will have a direct impact on their lives.

Our beloved Prajakta Koli has been relentlessly proving her mettle in every aspect of her life. Whatever she touches, turns into gold. From creating relatable YouTube videos to turning into a global personality representing India at some of the biggest conferences, Prajakta’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.