In the fiercely competitive world of technology and consumer electronics, brands often employ innovative strategies to gain an edge. Recently, Indian electronics brand boAt stirred the pot on the internet with a bold advertisement campaign targeting tech giant Apple. This move not only aimed to promote boAt’s products but also sparked a heated debate on social media platforms.

boAt campaign spark an Apple vs boAt on internet

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The boAt Ad Campaign

boAt’s advertisement campaign cleverly avoided direct references to Apple’s products, using terms like “i,” “pro-max,” and deploying social recognition to refer to the tech giant. The campaign sought to position boAt as a viable alternative to Apple, particularly in the wireless earphones segment. Through humour and subtle criticism, the ad highlighted the features of boAt’s products while gently poking fun at Apple’s perceived legacy features and products.

The advertisement had a snarky caption, including “No fruits were harmed in the making of this film.” With this ad, boAt wanted to position itself as an Indian brand ready to compete on a global scale, while urging consumers to reconsider their allegiance to Apple.

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Internet Reactions 

The boAt ad campaign was spread across various mediums including print and digital, and thereby soon went viral. The internet, however, was divided over the campaign. While some praised the ad for its creativity, many netizens took the ad in bad taste. 

The advertisement sparked a lively discussion on the internet, with some users praising boAt’s creativity and innovation. They commended the brand for its bold approach in challenging a tech giant like Apple and appreciated the humour injected into the campaign.

However, not all reactions were positive. Some users criticised the advertisement as a marketing gimmick, questioning boAt’s ability to compete with Apple in terms of brand value and product quality. Some concerns mocking a brand like Apple should be accompanied by evidence of superiority in various aspects, such as quality, specifications, and longevity.

Additionally, there was a recognition that boAt’s comparison to Apple might not be straightforward, given the distinct customer bases and brand positioning. 

boAt’s advertisement campaign targeting Apple showcased the brand’s boldness and creativity in the competitive consumer electronics market. While the campaign succeeded in sparking conversation and garnering attention, it also faced criticism and scepticism from some quarters.