Clubhouse has finally dropped a bomb with its new logo! Not only that, it’s no more just an invite-only app! The app made its announcement of being totally open to the public on July 22, 2021. In simple words, Clubhouse is now out of the beta version and there’s no more waiting list system!

If you think the logo and the app being officially open to everyone are the only surprise elements, then be ready for the big reveal! Clubhouse has ultimately launched its new website! Designed by Molly and Aron, the app’s new icon is Justin Meezy Williams.

Here’s Clubhouse’s logo that y’all were eagerly excited for:

Source: Clubhouse Blog

Clubhouse stated its support towards not being an invite-only app in quite a playful way!

For more information, tap HERE! Are you curious about Clubhouse’s latest update? Then, check out Slide Into DMs with the New Clubhouse Backchannel.