Shruti Sinha has come a long way from Splitsvilla and Roadies to being a digital content creator and starring alongside Honey Singh in Shor Machega. She’s also an Instagram influencer and YouTuber. Shruti’s profile has a variety of videos ranging from dance videos to vlogs to quirky challenges with friends, pole dancing, and more. A graceful bollywood-obsessed dancer who will captivate you with her moves and expressions, especially if the song is from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. This woman is my go-to because I am a huge fan of Bollywood and couldn’t resist including her in today’s article. So here is a list of five Instagram dance reels featuring Shruti Sinha that will make you tap your feet along.

1. Saude Baazi

2. Pole Dancing ft. Runaway

3. Nadiyon Paar in Neon

4. Shor Machega

5. Do the Wave

I hope the bollywood fan has made you fall in love with her expressions, pole dancing, fiery moves and freestyling. What I personally love about Shruti’s content, apart from the mutual Bollywood admiration, is how transparent is her love for dance through her videos. She dances for herself, to have fun, to express and I absolutely love that. We wish Shruti the best of luck for her future endeavours and cannot wait to see more from her. And until my pen writes more for you, you might want to consume the content she has curated especially for you. Check out here YouTube channel by tapping HERE! Check out more such reels on her Instagram account by tapping HERE!