What’s Inside? is a YouTube channel jointly run by Lincoln and his dad, Dan. When 12-year-old Lincoln and his Dad, Dan, made a series of YouTube videos exploring what’s inside sports balls, they were simply trying to make something interesting for Lincoln’s elementary school science project. However, what started with five videos in January 2014 has grown into a successful YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers! What’s Inside? cuts open random things to see what’s inside. Let’s have a look at the best videos of What’s Inside?. Our top picks.

What’s inside Diamond Ore?

Every shiny diamond was once a big rock. Watch what it’s like when a diamond ore is cut open and we get to see what’s inside. 

What’s inside Blurred Money?

We were aware of counterfeit currency notes or simply fake money. But blurred money is new to us. Perhaps the best video to know what’s inside it. 

What’s inside a $4 vs $400 Lightsaber?

May the force be with you for this one! 

What’s inside an Airplane House?

An Airplane House is even better than first class on airplanes. The concept in itself is so cool. Watch the video and see what’s inside it.

What’s inside YouTube Award Headquarters?

Imagine going to a place that’s a treasure chest for all the YouTube Play Buttons! In this video Lincoln and Dan visit the YouTube Awards Headquarters and give us a tour of what’s inside it! 

What’s inside YouTube Red Diamond Award?

If the previous video wasn’t enough then watch what’s inside the famous 100 million subscribers play button! 

What’s inside Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore, one of the most famous tourist places in the US, has had a long standing story of a secret vault  that’s inside it. Watch the video and see what’s actually inside Mount Rushmore

What’s Inside $18,000,000 Luxury Doomsday Bunker?

No matter whatever the situation, luxury is a top priority for some people. Watch this video and see what’s inside a luxurious $18 million doomsday bunker.

What’s inside My Son?

Watch what happens when Dan takes things being said in the comments section from comments to reality. 

What’s inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?

For some people snakes are disgusting while some find them fascinating. Watch this video and see Lincoln and Dan cut up the rattle of a rattlesnake to see what’s inside.