Zaeden’s documentary ‘Genesis 1:1’ got nominated for New Creators Film Awards. It’s selected in the category of Best Narrative Short Nominees for the August edition.

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‘Genesis 1:1’ premiered on July 1, 2021, on Zaeden’s YouTube channel. The singer talks about his musical journey and expresses his nervousness which he still faces now. Even after gaining so much fandom, he’s still the shy and humble guy. He has been so honest with his talk that we can feel his emotions. How can we not love this guy who’s so passionate about music? He has transitioned so much from loving the attention to expressing it through music. It’s truly inspiring!

Genesis 1:1 – it all starts here, from here on | Documentary

This documentary was released just a day before the launch of his album. “I think Genesis is a product of me trying to find my space as an artist and just rediscovering myself as a human.”, said Zaeden in the video. In one of his Instagram posts, Zaeden stated, “To hustle is never easy, but this ride was totally worth it. To feel so alive, so nervous, flushed with adrenaline as I release every song.” He claimed the documentary to be “raw and real.”

Here’s Zaeden with his heartfelt caption, Watching my debut album release on my birthday is surreal! I’ve put my everything into ‘Genesis 1:1’ and I truly hope that you all get to experience this journey with me. It’s finally yours, and it’s here to stay 🤍

His debut album ‘Genesis 1:1’ was released on his birthday, i.e, July 2, 2021. The eleven songs of his album are ‘Intro’, ‘Socha Na Tha’, ‘Jaaye Na Tu’, ‘KTMBK’, ‘Intezaar’, ‘Dooriyan’, ‘Kho Gaya’, ‘Yaadein’, 1000 Pieces’, ‘Kya Karoon?’, and ‘Days’.

Cheers to ‘Genesis 1:1’ for receiving 50 million streams across all platforms! Zaeden announced it just six days ago!

To celebrate one month of ‘Genesis 1:1’, the singer has organised a listening party which was on August 3, 2021, at 4 pm on his YouTube channel!

Also, Zaeden has finally launched his exclusive merchandise. To check ‘em out go through Zaeden’s ‘Genesis 1:1’ Merch Line Is Out on Merchbay!