Alice Merton’s ‘No Roots’ flooded Instagram Reels on Friendship Day! Celebrating Friendship Day on August 1, 2020, Indian creators took this trend to another level by posting snaps and snippets of their dear friends on ‘No Roots’.

Check out the music video of Alice Merton’s ‘No Roots’ released on January 10, 2017:

Woah! Currently, the viral song has over 264 million views and 2.2 million likes. You never know when any trend pops up with old tracks! Well, now it’s time to glance at some of the entertaining reels on ‘No Roots’ created on Friendship Day:

1. Awez Darbar

2. Jissa Paul & Karan Maru

3. RJ Abhinav

4. Varun Sood

5. Sunny Chopra

6. Erica Jennifer Fernandes

7. Divya Agarwal

8. Niharika Jain

So, these were some of the friendship day reels on ‘No Roots’. Wasn’t it great meeting their squad? Hope y’all enjoyed it! If you like trending stuff then check out 10 Trending Reels On ‘Blackout’ From ‘In the Heights’.