YouTube is experimenting with a new type of analytics on typical video performance benchmarks as well as improved hashtag discovery, which could have an impact on your planning and process.

YouTube is looking to provide more context on content removals and violations.

First of all, with regard to breaking policy, as you can see in the YouTube Insider video given below it is attempting to provide more context.

Now for comment removals through an updated system that will direct users to the precise rule they have broken when a comment is removed.

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The new notification for comment removal aims to address this by giving more information about when a comment has been deleted due to it being against the platform’s Community Guidelines.

Additionally, YouTube will timeout some users if they continue to violate the rules.

A temporary timeout that prevents commenting for up to 24 hours may be imposed on someone who makes several abusive comments.

YouTube rolls out a bunch of new and improved features
Image Credit: Social Media Today

According to YouTube, this should lessen the number of abusive comments on the site while also increasing transparency in the process to help people understand how they’ve broken the law and possibly influence their behavior in the future.

Similar to this, YouTube is also extending its trial of timestamps in publisher-facing Community Guidelines policy violation notifications, which offer more precise information on the precise time a violation occurred in video clips.

YouTube is now adding violations related to “Child Safety,” “Suicide and Self-Harm,” and “Violent or Graphic” to these notifiers, which were previously only available for violations of its “Harmful and Dangerous” policy.

In order to connect users to more videos on the same subject, YouTube will therefore work to highlight more pertinent hashtags in video clips.

This might place a greater emphasis on hashtag use consequently, it might be time to update your hashtag research strategy to reflect the most recent trending topics.

Although each of these updates is relatively minor, it’s important to take into account how they might affect your YouTube strategy.