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Facebook is testing a new post option that would allow you to limit access to your post to subscribers only for the first day, week or even month after publishing.

Some users now have access to an “Early Access for Subscribers” toggle in their post settings, as you can see in the tweet given below, Jonah Manzano (and shared by Matt Navarra).

This enables users to restrict access to that post for a predetermined time. Instagram has stated that promoting creators is a key focus and that one of its initiatives to increase the number of AI-recommended posts in feeds is to increase exposure for up-and-coming celebrities.

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The most recent Facebook Page updates, which include endorsement notifications to support other creators, templates to help identify top fans, and other features, are just a few of the additional tools that Facebook is introducing for creators.

Facebook opened up Subscriptions to more people in the US after receiving feedback that more opportunities for community building and content sharing would benefit subscribers even more and boost revenue potential.

They launched brand-new ways for users to interact with their subscribers, including subscriber chats, improved sharing options for evergreen content, and a dedicated tab on your profile.

The new subscriber-exclusive option will allow creators to share exclusive posts with Top Fans and subscribers.

Facebook rolls out Subscribers Only
Image Credit Social Media Today

Profile visitors can see these subscriber-exclusive posts but they’re locked out with a subscribe option to view the content immediately. In that case, that will enhance this and provide another way to increase the value for subscribers while potentially attracting more interest.

It might be an easy way to give subscribers more value and a reason to pay for your most recent updates.

We’ll update this post when Meta responds to our request for more information about this test.