Jimmy Donaldson is an American YouTuber, businessman, and philanthropist. Jimmy is more commonly known as MrBeast as he runs a mega YouTube channel of the same name. MrBeast is one of the smartest YouTubers to have existed on the platform and he is given the credit of pioneering a new age of content that mostly involves pulling off expensive activities.  Jimmy along with his friend Chris has another YouTube channel named Beast Reacts for making reaction videos. Beast Reacts is where MrBeast and Chris react to the internet’s favorite videos. Let’s have a look at your guide to the best of Beast Reacts. Our top picks.

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations!

Wanderlust graduated to an extreme level! 

Most Expensive Houses!

Watch Mr. Beast and Chris react to houses that range from a few thousands to millions of dollars! 

World’s Fastest Workers!

There are people who love their job then there are people who are absolute pro at it! Watch Mr. Beast and Chris react to videos of some of the fastest workers on the Internet. 

World’s Most Expensive Food!

From a gold plated pizza to golden ice cream. The world is full of a lot of expensive food items. This video shows us some of the most expensive food items and of course the reactions of Mr. Beast and Chris to it. 

Insane Parkour Escape!

If you confuse these videos for some video game chase sequels. Don’t worry you’re not alone because these videos are simply too good to be true. Also they give us some major fitness goals. 

Real Flying Suit!

Flying lying iron man is no longer fiction! Thanks to some geniuses who made it possible. 

Unbelievable Mountain Coaster!

Your guide to places where you can get the adrenalin rush. 

World’s Fastest Big Mac Ever Eaten

To see someone gulp down an entire big mac in seconds is worth a watch!