VSAUCE is a Youtube brand created by the internet celebrity Michael Stevens. The channel dives into the topics related to scientists, technology, pop culture and other general interesting subjects. Every video is shot with the intent to make it appealing and thought provoking. The channel firmly believes that, “Our World is Amazing.” The channel is the perfect blend of thoughts and creativity honed by a personal take that only makes it better and worth binging. While we are on the subject of the world being amazing. Let’s have a look at Vsauce videos that will blow your mind!. Our top picks:

What If Everyone JUMPED At Once?

Jumping together with friends is fun but what if everyone jumped at once? Would it be catastrophic or will it send tremors to the entire planet? Watch the video to find out.

What Will We Miss?

At some point in time the Earth will be a dead planet and that will make us miss a lot of cosmic wonders. Watch the video below and see what we will miss.

Messages For The Future

Someday humanity will cease to exist with a high probability of not finding life elsewhere during its time. Watch this video and learn what we have sent as messages for people in the future. 

Travel INSIDE a Black Hole

Black Hole is a cosmic marvel and travelling inside it is going to be marvelous! 

How Earth Moves

We all know that the Earth goes around the Sun, but watch this video to learn how exactly it moves. 

What’s The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?

While the Earth holds a lot of beautiful places to visit. There are some dangerous places too. Watch the video to know what is the most dangerous place on Earth. 

The Future Of Reasoning

Never knew that even reasoning had a future.

What Is The Speed of Dark?

We know that light is the fastest known object to exist. But if there is a thing like darkness then does it have a speed too? Watch the video to know more. 

Illusions of Time

Time has a lot of mystery attached to it. Watch the video to know about the Illusions of time. 

Laws & Causes

The world works around certain laws and naturally they do have their own causes.